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Full Version: My 4th Edition Character Sheets
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Dread Polack
I created some new character sheets in the 4th edition style using a little Paint Shop Pro and Microsoft Publisher. I made 4 different sheets, customized for Magicians, Adepts, Riggers, and Combat-oriented types. I might do a Hacker version, but I'm not familiar enough with the archetype, and I'm not sure it needs one. Most of the programs can fit in the version I have on the other sheets.

If you have Microsoft Publisher, I can send you the pub files, which you can use to enter in your character data and keep a record or print off a nice clean sheet, or I can send you PDFs of the files with lines for hand-writing. Also, I'll see if I can upload them somewhere and post a link.

Dread Polack
Posting a link would be awesom! smile.gif
Dread Polack
Okay. Here they are. I only have one up so far, but the others are close behind. Let me know what you think, particularly those who use MS Publisher. I've been using it for character sheets for several years now.

Dread Polack
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