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Full Version: Smartlink system
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Exactly what components are needed to have a completely working smartlink system? As I read both the SR3 rulebook and the M&M book, there are different opinions. According to the M&M there are way more improvements needed (summing up to a total of 1 full essence point) than according to the SR3 rulebook. So which book is correct and what improvements are needed??
You don't need anything but the Smartlink cyberware to have a smartlink. M&M says you can make the smartlink cyberware cheaper by using existing cyberware within yourself. For example, if you have an Image Link, you can save 0.1 essence since you don't need to have the retinal mods done to your eye. It's not in addition to the smartlink cyberware.

But is having just the smartlink enough to take the full advantage of the system?

And then why would you need a simrig (or limited simsense rig), a processor and an image link?

Keep in mind, this is all fictional.

So far as I know they have not given rationalization for each bit of gear and what role it serves in the whole makeup.

Drain Brain
Bear in mind that I don't have the books with me...

The Smartlink that you can buy from the core rules - 0.5 essence, 2500:nuyen: or whatever - consists of a number of subsystems - these are things like the induction pad (that actually touches the gun) the wiring, the processor and the bit that modifies your eye so you can see a crosshair.

Now... if you go to get a smartlink but you already have an image link, for instance, they can skip the eye modifications and just tie the smartlink into your Image Link instead. Same effect, but not so much messing around inside your head. That being the case, it means you pay less essence.

The same goes for the other bits and pieces, but as I said, I dont' have the books with me.
QUOTE (hieleke @ Sep 30 2003, 07:02 PM)
But is having just the smartlink enough to take the full advantage of the system?

And then why would you need a simrig (or limited simsense rig), a processor and an image link?

Why you would need those is purely for other uses. I use Image Link for seeing uploads from datajacks, as well as to see my GPS maps from my wrist computer. (See Image Link under available Cyberware for your eyes)

Simsense is controversial really... however our interpretation of it is that the Vehicle Control Rig Cyberware is a limited simsense, so if you have it your smartlink is already 0.1 essence cheaper. Same holds true for Skillswires and Simrigs in our games. I -think- that's Canon, but I recall it being controversial.

As for the ballistic processor, well, there's one thing that's only good for a Smartlink, at least as far as what's currently available "by-the-book". So, no, no need to ever buy one of these solo.


[Edit]BTW: Look up the Simrig cyberware in the core book to see why someone would want just a Simrig.[/Edit]
Here's my take on the issue.
Fygg Nuuton
i just want to say (again i think) that the site deign and layout on rayguns site rocks
The White Dwarf
I think the limited Simrig is so that the whole system knows where the gun is pointed. Without some kind of simrig in place it would be impossible to determine where the shooter's arm and body were, relative to the gun or even the floor, which seems very important for determining any kind of ballistics anything. However the above posters are correct, and Rayguns take is pretty much the norm on the "why" end from what Ive encountered.
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