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Anyone see any precedence for only bonuses to skills not magical related?

Like +2 perception and +2 leadership?
I don't think I've ever seen a spirit that gave such bonuses, although penalties have no issues with going into the realm of the mundane. If you are going to give a bonus on a non-magical skill, I would suggest it be with a limited condition, so it's not constant. otherwise it's just an abuse of dice power.

IMO, anyways.
Almost every mentor spirit modifier is one part physical and second part magical (bonus)

Like Dark King

+2dice to perception and assensing test +2dice for spirits of man
-1die to resist damage.


+2 for infilitration tests, +2 for resisting disease or poison
must make test to not flee from combat.

I'm wanting to make something like

The Dark King's Son.

+2 for Leadership tests +2 for Con Tests.
-1die for resisting physical damage, when in the presence of a Dark King follower must make a composure test to disobey a command.
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