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Full Version: Perception & Seeing in the Dark
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Zen Shooter01
So I've noticed that normal vision gets a -6 modifier in complete darkness. However, Perception dice pools are commonly 7 dice or larger. Which means that there is no lighting condition in which a character with a decent Perception skill cannot still see.
Um, specifically cannot still sense. Perception covers hearing, touch, smell, and taste, too. In the dark, I would imagine your hearing them, rather than seeing. Of course, there's thermographic and/or low-light...
well. cannot still sense, in some manner. hearing, smell, taste--you know, all the stuff your camp counselor used to find during his you when you were hiding under your bunk because you didn't want to play "special time" any more.
Zen Shooter01
Good point, my bad cool.gif

Except that causes some problems, because you can't hear or smell a door, or the rifle you need. You can touch them, yes, but they have to be within arm's reach for that.
eh, meh. perception is one of those things that the GM has to take a heavy hand in anyway. as a GM, i wouldn't make someone standing in the middle of the room roll perception to find a door unless they start looking for it (or, at least, i'd assume they're stumbling around in the dark with their hands held out if they roll).
Like the book says, at some point GM discretion needs to come in to fill the mechanical holes.

If you have a plot clue hidden in the subject matter of a painting on the wall, you might normally ask for Perception rolls (plus applicable visual modifiers). Someone might be rolling upwards of 15 dice on that and easily spot the clue.

But, if the same situation occurs in total darkness and Mr. Superpeepers doesn't have lowlight or thermo, then rather than still rolling 9 dice the GM should probably just assume autofailure, despite what the dice pool says.

Technically you're shafting the guy who spent so much for those eagle eyes, but realistically he can't see his hand in front of his face much less a detail on a painting in a pitch black room.
hey, maybe you could smell the clue. down with anti-smellist GMs!
*sniffsniff* I smell oilpaints used only in happy trees. Heyy, is that a Bob Ross painting? Someone get me a flashlight.
I get the feeling there would be much more pungent aromas about than oil paints in the case of Bob Ross. "Dirty Hippy" and "Happy Herbs" being the two that come to mind first.

Not that I didn't love his show, mind you. Just say'n.
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