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Full Version: [Duels] Eye of the Dragon
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Just a plug for Eye of the Dragon, a new serial story told in Shadowland postings and appearing on the Shadowrun Duels website. The first installment's up now, with more to follow shortly.

Bull, Shapcano, Lady Anaka, and I worked on this (along with several good folks from WizKids) and it was a lot of fun to put together. Check it out!
Not just WizKids, but Dumpshock too (I also had a hand in working on The Eye of the Dragon, and yes, if any of you are also on the WK Forums, I'm -that- Roadspike too). So yeah, read, comment, I'm interested to hear what people think.
Err, Ditto. Was much the fun to work on ork.gif

Tell them how much you loved it so they'll let us write more!

Kanada Ten
Hard to judge much from the small amount posted. I kind of liked it; it flowed well, and the characters are each unique.

It seems odd in the sense of "Shadowland posting," as it read more like transduced journals.
Rasta Rigger
This post was kept open while I read it, so these are my impressions pretty much in order.

Who wrote Karkhov? Hagakure is a nice touch.

Silver Max's impressions are conspicuously lacking from the meet with the J. Discriminating agin da rigga's mon?

gawd this is shadows 101.

Karkhov again with the good details. bull mastif bravo.

Ok the complexity kicked up a notch in 1.3 and continued to improve in 2.1

With as many characters as are involved in the story (Wait for it, more come into play soon smile.gif), it was impossible to do the story from everyone's viewpoints. I would have liked to have seen Max get some airtime (And write for him as well smile.gif), but... We were limited to prevent this from getting too out of hand ork.gif

Kanada Ten
Why does it switch from 1.3 to 2.1 for the end of the run?
I'd think 1.4 would make more sense...

I like how it developed, a little light on the security details but fast paced.

My favorite line: "You barge in on a run uninvited and have the gall to call me unprofessional?"
Lady Anaka

That was me, that was me! Somebody liked it!!!! *grin*

Okay, now back to my regularly scheduled professionalism....

Well, I must say, I'm enjoying this little story...though it's becoming bigger than I thought it would. How many more "X.1-3's" are there gonna be?
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