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What happened to the Renraku Arcology after it was freed. Was it returned to working order or is it a place full of danger still, or maybe just an empty building. It is prob written somewhere, but i started playing shadowrun a year ago, so im not big on all the history yet.
i've always assumed that Renraku put as much of the Arco was was safe back into operation immediately, so as to begin recouping losses as soon as possible. i like the idea of a bunch of corp execs eating in the sable-credstick-only food court and having a good time, while Red Sams are fighting and dying a floor above them.
Well Deus did some rather extensive 'Remodeling' while he was in charge so there would have to be a lot of re-building done. The Seattle Arcology is probably considered a bad assignment by lots of corp rank and file now after the accident (keep in mind that many probably don't know the whole story). Yes Renraku will be trying to recoup losses, but they will be careful not to incur more losses while doing so.
QUOTE (mfb)
while Red Sams are fighting and dying a floor above them.

I like the idea that Red Sams are fighting and dying, no matter where it takes place. Never liked that kind of racist japanese males.
so... do you like racist non-japanese males?

or how about *other* kinds of racist Japanese males?
SL James
Last I remember reading about it was that the UCAS Army handed most of the keys over to the Metroplex Guard while negotiations went on to determine how much Renraku had to pay the Army for their services.

You know, it'd have made a great military command post during a crisis.
emo samurai
You know, it'd have made a great military command post during a crisis.

If properly manned and equipped, the Arc was a very tough nut to crack (as the UCAS Army learned).
QUOTE (ogbendog)
so... do you like racist non-japanese males?

Oh come on, you know what i meant, don't you? biggrin.gif
Pokes successful!
I htink i read in a SOTA book or just read it here that there was a survivor Acroligy.

I'm pretty sure i read it on the forum here though.
Gerald Fitzgerald
QUOTE (ogbendog)
so... do you like racist non-japanese males?

Or do you LIKE like them?
Here how I figure it's gone down by SR4.

After the arc was cleared, Renraku tried ot get it back online, only to find out that the UCAS was going to charge them for the cleanup help, and they were holding the ground they took in the arc as collateral. (Canon). Meanwhile, wageslaves who had heard rumors and seen footage of the arc shutdown were understandably reluctant to move back in. Especially since Deus had several booby traps well hidden, which made for a sort of 5th column in the Arc.

Still, for several members of Renraku (Sherman Huang), the Arcology was a point of pride, and they were willing to do anything to get it operational again, and restore their honor. But as well all know fron system failure, sherman huang took a big dive in the Novotech opening, and was ousted (Again, canon).

Now into my conjecture: The crash hit seattle hard, and it hit those who were in the Arc hardest. It's matrix systems were already having issues due to the influence of teh AI, and when Jormungand swept through all kinds of crap went down. many people in the Arc though it was a second shut down, and paniked. with no matrix, much of the building became useless, and the lights went out. The resulting riots and other crazed behavior from the inhabitants resulted in hundred or thousands of deaths. Afterwards NOONE wants to move back into the Arc.

With the Arc being a giant PR black mark, a financial black hole, and with the UCAS still holding parts of it as collateral on a debt renraku cannot pay, Renraku cuts their losses. They sell the remainder of the arc to the UCAS as payment on the debt, and wipe their hands of the matter.

The UCAS, realizing that they don't have the funds to actually Run the arcology, essentially condem the building. The nuclear reactors are shut down, the valuable stuff is stripped, and the Arc is abandoned.

The Orc underground, however, has had tunnels into the place for a while now, and when the UCAS seals the building, they move in. Of course, it's not like they can run the arcology either, but they can hook up a few generators, clean out some rooms and move in. The renraku arc becomes a squatter's paradise. The legends of it's haunting keep respectable people (and the police) out, and out in the unexplored areas are valuable things that the UCAS army missed, leading to a class of arcology scavengers who hunt the dark parts of the arc for treasure. (Perfect shadowrunner background, if you ask me.)

In other words, Seattle now has a bit of the barrens closer to downtown.
Rotbart van Dainig
Seattle had neither eggs nor EMPs...
There wasn't an EMP, but I don't recall ever seeing a complete list of Jormungand egg sites. In any case, the damage wasn't limited to the areas where eggs were sited. Just think about how many people in Seattle would have been hooked into the ECSE for the Novatech IPO - all those lovely connections for Puck's egg to spread the worm through.
emo samurai
By "the valuable stuff" do you also mean parts of the wonderful Ultraviolet host that used to house Deus? I'm thinking of using a key part or two of the original mainframe as a McGuffin in a future storyline.
hmm, i kinda like mr. pimps post. maybe its because it allows me to do d&d style runs smokin.gif
That's what the arcology source material geared it to be: a big dungeoncrawl, complete with strange critters and evil troops loyal to an all-seeing, nigh-unkillable "god."
emo samurai
I'm wondering: would it be harder to infiltrate if it was being run by Deus with legions of Otaku and cybernetic horros, or would it be harder if it was being patrolled endlessly by Red Samurai while under the control of Renraku at full capacity?
Heh. Deus. Renraku never filled the halls with Medusae, as far as I know nyahnyah.gif. I tend to think of Deus as Shodan and run the arc like System Shock. Survival horror style, oh yeah. Of course, I had the players make new characters for that, so I could be brutal and terrifying without costing someone their hard won professional. It's an inherently unfair setting.
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