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Full Version: Technomancers and Jammers
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Lord Ben
Do area or directional jammers work on Technomancers? Can I just point a directional jammer at a technomancer who then loses all connection to his drones, etc? Or is it more of a magical wavelength?

Also are buildings constructed of a material that blocks wireless capable of stopping technomancers?

Can I just build a farady cage as a technomancer prison if I capture one?
They emit your standard issue radio waves, so anything that blocks a relatively weak Signal rating will stop them.
which is why all technos should have an ECCM complex form as high as they can, IMO.
Yeah, but when you have so few BPs to go around, after jacking up all your stats and Resonance and buying all your other complex forms, and have to choose to have only Logic x2 of all the complex forms to actually have, Threading ECCM starts to sound like a really good idea, especially as that is one you won't need all the time, only when you are actively jammed.

It might actually be easier to destroy/compromise the jammer.
One thing I've been so tempted to do in a game is to dump a bucket of WiFi inhibiting paint on a technomancer.
emo samurai
Just shoot him in the head. No ECCM complex form can counteract that.
Yep, but shooting them may not be the simplest of tasks, and there is always that whole subdue and capture angle people sometimes want to look at.
emo samurai
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