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Raccoon?! Where is Raccoon?!

I got 4e for Christmas and I was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, to find that the totem section does not contain Raccoon. Take a look in your old 1st ed. book, see there, next to that cool totem pole picture? Raccoon. 2nd ed., 3rd ed? Raccoon, right there.

Where has he gone? Did they all die out by 2070? My world makes no longer makes sense.


Looks like Phoenix from bestiary died out too indifferent.gif .
The Phoenix will be back. biggrin.gif
Relax. The Mentor Spirits list is not comprehensive. They brought in Mentors that are appropriate for Hermetics and Idol Followers in the basic book, and that meant that some of the shamanic totems had to go. Some of them will probably be back later, for example in Street Magic.

If you wanted a Raccoon Mentor right now, you'd be looking at something like:

Benefits: +2 Dice for Manipulation spells, +2 Dice to Palming tests.
Penalties: Composure test to avoid stealing major valuable items.

IIRC a direct conversion would be +2 Manipulation spells, +2 spirits of Man, -1 Combat spells.

That's not to say that there will be a direct conversion when Raccoon gets published again. Look at what happened to Snake, for instance.
And if you donīt like an official version, make your own. You are finally able to make the boni/mali reflect your characters view of his totem. Yay Gargoyle, here I come.
Funny thing is also the disapearance of the coyote totem. Why is it funny you ask? Because the book make a reference to a coyote shaman somewhere (can't find the exact page right now) in such a manner: 'and try to make a coyote shaman do something he dont whant to' . Altho it is pretty obvious for players who have played other editions, since coyote is no more cannon, this sentence refer to nothing for new players.
Aye. Although I believe we're supposed to be using the Trickster to represent (the previous interpretation of) Coyote.
hum... not sure, I'll have to check, of course, but /me think the trickster was as-is in a magic book of 3rd ed.
As Riff would say: Let me check my notes.
the reference to coyote is in the magic section, iirc, where it mentions why mages are more commonly employed by corporations than shamans.

specifically, it says something to the effect of "you try telling coyote he only gets an hour for lunch."
Thats the sentence.

as a side note: you guys use 'iirc' quite a lot; mind explaining what it means?
If I Remember/Recall Correctly.
Thanks alot Adam!
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