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Full Version: Physads and mana barriers
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Okay, odd question occurs to me.

Mana barrier was a spell in 2nd edition that created a barrier that blocked anything with mana, ie living objects, spirits, spells....ect

One of the powers a physical adept can take is the ability to throw things (like playing cards) and do physical damage where normally they would not.

So, what happens if said physad throws said card at a mana barrier? I wouldn't think it would stop it, however magic has to be acting on a playing card, ciggerett but, wahtever, to make it so that it does damage. Is it acting on the object, or increasing the force of the throw?

The things I think of when I'm board.......
good to know that i sparked some critical thinking in your mind biggrin.gif
nothing happens, it sails on through a mana barrier.
I agree with Liper, the magic comes in the release, i don't think it would be carried with the card, elsewise we could have thrown weapon foci biggrin.gif
I think the magic is just in the improved force of the throw, and the precise aiming, with enough skill you can throw a cig butt in someones eye, or choke them with it, or throw a card hard enough, although mythbusters would disagree, to really do damage, but once it is out of the aura, its a mundane card with drekload of momentum...
what nt326 said. bullets fired by an adept with IA: Pistols wouldn't be stopped by a mana barrier, therefore neither would cards thrown by an adept with that throwing power whose name i can't recall.
you can't really say the thrown weapons are all that deadly, they just are suprisingly painful from those adepts anyhow =p

What was the example of a pen or a lighter? it was like somethig 3L or something insepidly not painful.
I seem to remember (Str/2)L

Which doesn't seem like much until the Troll PhysAd w/ Improved Strength and Improved Throwing throws with an 18 dice pool and does a base of 7L.
I think he usually ends up (after armor) doing 2D +4 or so successes......
so yeah, it's silly, but it works

Just prey they don't have hardend armor
It's mostly useful for stealth- when you need to defend yourself in a classy restaurant or the like. On a run where he's expecting combat, he'll be doing 15M with dikoted shuriken.
QUOTE (Liper)
nothing happens, it sails on through a mana barrier.

I also Agree with the above.
I thought as much, but felt I should see what others thought as well.
Missile Mastery. Not a bad power if you're going for that "traditionalist" feel (IE, ninja wannabe), or if you're a very strongly themed Adept (IE, knife fetishist). The +21 power to regular thrown weapons isn't too bad, and I always thought of the "other stuff does 1/2Str (L)" as a bonus.
if theres anythign i'm a whore about, it's the magic rules.
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