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Ron Harval

Attributes (190 bp):
Body 3(5)
Agility 4(6)
Reaction 4(7)
Strength 2
Intuition 5
Logic 5
Charisma 1
Willpower 3
Edge 2
Magic 6

Skills (146 bp)
Athletics Skill group 1
Electronics Skill group 4
Cybercombat 5
Hacking 5
Electronic Warfare 4
Blades 4
Automatics 4
Etiquette 1
Infiltration 1

Knowledge Skills (60 free BP)
English (Native)
Security Proceedures (Megacorps) 4(6)
Security Design (Corporate) 4(6)
Security Companies (Knight Errant) 3(5)
Corporate Security Tactics 5
Computer Background 5
Security Systems 5
Parazoology (North America) 2(4)

Qualities (-30 bp)
Mild Addiction (BTLs)
Mild Addiction (stims)
Allergy (severe, peanuts)
Elf poser

Adept powers (all geased: if MitS geasa are not being used, reduce Imp. Reflexes one grade)
Improved Reflexes 3 (3.75 pp)
Improved Ability (Cybercombat) 5 (.9375 pp)
Improved Ability (Hacking) 5 (.9375 pp)
Attribute Boost (Body) 1 (.1875 pp)
Attribute Boost (Agility) 1 (.1875 pp)

Gear (29 bp):
Combat Axe
Forearm Snap-blades
Ares Alpha w/ Sound Suppressor, Airburst link, Gyrostabilization, Shock Pad, and Skinlink
Chameleon Suit
Urban Explorer Helmet w/ Microsensor (camera w/ lowlight) and skinlink
Meta Link Commlink w/ Rating 5 Response upgrade, Rating 5 Signal upgrade, skinlink, hotSIM simlink.
Rating 6 Programs- all
Rating 4 IC/Pilot/Agent program
Trodes w/ skinlink
Tool kit (Hardware skill)
Contact Lenses w/ skinlink, image link, smartlink, and flare compensation
Glasses w/ thermographic vision, Rating 3 vision enhancement, and vision magnification
Cosmetic Surgery (minor)
Earbud w/ Rating 3 audio enhancement and Rating 3 Select Sound Filter
Headphones w/ Spatial Recognizer
Backpack filled with personal effects, EX-EX ammo, and fragmentation minigrenades
Street lifestyle

His backstory is that he was a security hacker for Knight Errant, until he stumbled across the sort of data that would get him 'disappeared' by the corp. So, he goes to the armory one evening, picks up his gear, throws it in a duffel bag, drives his corp car into the Barrens, and blows his car sky high with a hacked frag minigrenade in the gas tank. Then he starts running, as Knight Errant starts looking for him. Fortunately, there are fixers who have contacts in KE and on the street, and hopefully one of them will find him before KE does...

On a metagame level, he is very, very good at hacking, rolling 16 dice on all of his Cybercombat and Hacking tests, once he gets his Reality Filter program running, and has as many initiative passes in AR as a submersed technomancer. He's decent in the physical, with the 4 Initiative passes and 9 dice with his Ares Alpha.
Ah you should read my post about something like this

Here Adept hackers
I know. That's what inspired this write-up.
Well for a start he can't have two skills at six at start up. only one allowed rest must be at no more than four. can have two at five though.

Actually other than that seems a fine concept to me.
I thought the "One at six or two at 5" rule applied to attributes, not skills...


You're right. Darn. Okay, editing...

EDIT: All nice an legal now. Well, mostly. Yes, I know MitS required geased powers to cost >1 PP, but I'm pretty sure that this was to try to prevent powers with 4-digit costs, and is rather silly because when you geas powers costing an improper fraction (5/4, 3/2, etc) of PP, you wind up with big fraction anyway, and if I didn't, I'd have a 4-digit remainder of PP. spin.gif
Inspiration! contributing for years.
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