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Full Version: Q: Rules for Free Spirits and Great Form Spirits?
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It's been a long time since I played SR, I quit shortly after SR3 was introduced, and I was wondering if SR4 has rules covering Free Spirits and Great Form Spirits in the main rules?

Not yet, although it's been anxiously awaited I'm sure. Wait for Street magic I suppose.

As scary as spirits are, Great Forms are going to be monstrous
I'm not even sure that Great Forms are needed anymore. Raw power aside, most of the advantages of GFs are reflected in the new, standard spirits.

For instance, domain restrictions are gone. Optional powers are already in there.
I agree. Greater form spirits might not exist anymore.
There's still the area-affect engulf... *shudder*
and other GF powers like divination for Spirits of Man
mmm. storm strike.
I dunno about you guys, but those three mentioned powers can stay gone without me shedding a tear. smile.gif
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