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The German game shop Fantasy In has a preview/preorder page for On The Run (German version) online!

The contents (my translation):
"Beginner-friendly Shadowrun 4 adventure!
Some cocky troll Johnson has a job for the runners: Retrieve an obsolete optical disc from pre-Matrix Crash times. While chasing the precious object the runners realize that all of a sudden the whole world seems to be interested in it. Trapped between the fronts the runners must decide which way to take..."
That's a nice cover, and it does seem like the final one.
That's a nice cover, and it does seem like the final one.

That is the final one, I believe. At least the pic's right. I'm not sure about the text or the layout--I've seen a different font, and a couple of designs were being considered.
MK Ultra
The us-SR-site still shows an other picture for the cover, but since that one is old, IŽd allso assume, that the one on the gameshop-site is the SOTA on that one.
I seem to remember Adam saying he used some old art to do mock-up placeholders for the website until he had the final cover art, and of course time to put the new art up.
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