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Full Version: Yomi and the island thereof
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I have been hoping to run an adventure wherein my players have to fetch someone off of Yomi Island. However, I wasn't sure as to the state of the place in 2070. I had heard some rumblings that the place has closed down, but nothing definate. I searched the forums and didn't come up with anything. Anyone have any info? Any details or leads are appreciated.
I don't have Shadows of Asia with me. I lent it to my GM as he is need of things to read.* But I seem to remember the Yomi Island shutdown being in there. Don't remember any details, or rumours about what is going on there now, but you have to think it is going to have one nasty astral space.

* Eddie Furious; He tripped playing basketball, skinned knee, and damn near died. If that sounds funny it is only because it is true. He got a strep infection in the abrassion. By the time he realized something was very wrong and ended up in emergency they put him immediately into ICU. His whole body swole up like a ballon and his leg was so bad it turned black top to bottom. He's ok now though and even back home last I heard. They figure they got it before it permanently damaged his organs or anything. He just needs a lot of time to heal up.
Yomi got shut down as of YOTC, if I remember right. Roughly 2061-ish.

Doesn't mean there aren't other places out there (and since you've got SoA, you can probably think of them).
Yomi was/is(/will be) a volcanic island off the Phillipines originally called Lagu-Lagu. Yomi apparently means Hell. Yomi was closed down after the Ring of Frie went up in late October '61. The Emporer started rescinding many of the 'high points' of the Yamato act and taking actions to ease up on the racism that was leaving a 'stain' on Japanese society. One of the possible reasons for tis is the Wraith, his secret advisor. One of the freelancers said once that he had the plan that the Wraith was an ork brother of the Emporer's that had been shipped to Yomi, and died.

It does say that it's closed, but it doesn't say that they shipped everyone off. Many of the metas that were on the island ended up in the Phillipines , which is probably giong to make a bd situation worst, when they finally get some freedom, only to run head long in to MTC goons with guns. So it is quite possible that 'shutting it down' only means that they stopped shipping criminals there, and are no longer keeping people from leaving. That doens't mean that those people can leave.
Hmmmm... that could lead to some neat ideas. The characters would have to rescue someone from the brutal society that has formed on Yomi. It would make the situation a little more morally ambiguous. Instead of just blowing away the evil racists that guard the poor metas on Yomi, they will instead be going up against former prisoners that have become just as bad. Double plus gritty. I like it! Thanks for all the info.
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