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Full Version: Non-traditional Lifestyles
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Ok, so as not to hijack someone else's thread on Lifestyles, here we go.

QUOTE ("SR4 2nd Ed. page 261")


    A High lifestyle offers a roomy house or condo, good food, and the technology that makes life easy.  The character may not have the same perks as the really big boys but neither does she have as many people gunning for her.  Her home is in a secure zone or protected by good solid bribes to the local police contractor and gang boss.  She has a housekeeping service or enougth tech to take care of most chores.  This is the life for the well-to-do on either side of the law: mid-level managers, senior Mob bosses and the like.

However it also mentions that " ... a character might live in an abandoned building, but install enought conveniences in it to qualify as having a Luxury lifestyle." - SR4 2nd Ed. page 261.

I am assuming of course that the same is true of a High lifestyle as it would be of a Luxury lifestyle.

Are there any rules for this? Would GM and players just sit down and talk about what the sammie wants and then make a call as to the lifestyle equivalent?

For the record, I know that there was a supplement for SR3 that talked about lifestyle variances; however, I don't have it not do I know what it was.

Any help would be appreciated.
There might have been something about this in SR Companion, I don't remember. I know there was expanded rules for lifestyles in Sprawl Survival Guide, tough. I never used them.

Would GM and players just sit down and talk about what the sammie wants and then make a call as to the lifestyle equivalent? basicly what I do. If you want tips on how to expand on it, look up SSG. I'm sure it's no problem converting the rules, as costs are basicly the same and no stats are involved.
The expanded lifestyles in SSG are great. You can balance neighborhood, size, amenities, security, etc., to your liking, It's even better when you use it to build non-primary lifestyles (safehouses, etc.).
MK Ultra
There are however some stats involved, that would need conversion to SR4, security ratings mainly. Also, the Squatter Lifestyl cost only 100 nuyen.gif and the Low Lifestyl 1.000 nuyen.gif in SR3, which is reflected in the pricescale.

While I personally allways liked the possibilities of the SSG system, I didnīt like, that the prices for the stats were not indipendant. I.e. you payed more for High Security in Downtown, then you did in the Barrens. Sometimes, this makes sense (paying more for sec in a huge house as oposeed to a small squatt and paying less for space in a bad naighbourhood), sometimes it doesnīt.

However, the system gives good ideas for variation and for lifestyl edges and flaws (though the insurence is redicculus), even if you donīt use the payscale.

EDIT: IIRC the Companion doesnīt cover lifestyle. You can find some info in sprawlsites and the neoanarchists guide to real life, but most of that was included in SSG.
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