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Full Version: Attribute Max BP
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It is late - early - depends on how you look at it so my search-fu may not be working ...

The RAW says to limit BP spend on atributes to 1/2 of the total BP alloted for the characters. In RAW that is 200BP. Has anyone else noticed that the sample charaters ignore this limit?

Being an engineer means I can be a little annal at times. I did a quick statistical look at the sample characters and came up with the following:

Median: 220 BP
Mean (Average): 213.4
Standard Deviation: 20.1

Rounding to the nearest 5 BP we get:

Attribute BP of 215 +/- 20.

So if you don't use RAW, what do you use in your games?
I believe they include special attributes edge and magic. Try taking that out and seeing if the calculation work.
This has been brought up before. The 200 build point limit is for physical and mental attributes, and does not include special attributes such as edge, magic, or resonance.
Well, I'll be... I missed that. Thanks!
QUOTE (Alex @ Mar 7 2006, 09:23 AM)
Has anyone else noticed that the sample charaters ignore this limit?

Hehe, yeah, I had also wondered about this, but then realized the ranks in Edge/Magic. smile.gif

Oh yes, and we do use the standard 200 BP limit for physical/mental attributes.

I shall nevertheless answer that question.

We use the official cap on attribute bp, but I try to stay below as much as possible. The more skills the better.
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