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Full Version: real-life comlink?
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its a wristwearable computer wobble.gif
It's still in theory.

And, if anything, it's probably nothing more than a glorified cell phone. Calc, text, calling, calender, basic games and maybe music. Nothing to get all worked up over.
err, they plan is to use a full version of windows xp. as in the same kind that they use in tablet pc's (and that microsoft made another variant of for the origami platform)...
In the next couple of years, your going to start to see alot of mobile devices doing things you didn't expect them too. You carry one device and its a cell phone, a organizer, a ipod, a computer, a TV, and all that that entails...

The commlink really is just around the corner.
In a few years, yes, it will probably be all that and a bag of chips ™.

Right now? Glorified cell phone. I'm honestly surprised we haven't seen wrist-mounted cellphones yet. They're all over futuristic movies. Why hasn't some Corporate Shmuck come up with the design yet?
Mmm, my iPAQ would fit on my wrist if I chose to wear it that way. 624 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM, WiFi and Bluetooth. I use it to run spreadsheet programs and read the errata when I run Shadowrun, which adds to the atmosphere. I watch videos on it, play music, and I have all of my gaming PDFs stored on a flash memory card. It's literally 600+ times as powerful as the first computer I owned.

It's only not wrist mounted because that's actually a damnably awkward way to access something.

The commlink is barely ahead of today's technology, if at all. In five years we'll laugh at the way tech works in "2070" the same way that SR1's technology is laughably out of date now.
Tech is always behind the times. This is why I find SR4 to be too "pretty" and "cookie-cutter".

We're already seeing purely wireless cities come into being. Google is working on one, and several other internet companies are doing so as well.

Ten years from now, 4th Ed will be ancient in terms of tech. The only thing we'll still be in want of is 'ware. Most of that probably won't come around due to the testing behind it.
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