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So - which cyberware would you be willing to have in your system, nowadays? Suppose you could get the things from the game into you, would you want them? What would you modify?

Suppose whatever you could have, anyone could have. Would your list change?
Man, I just want a sleep regulator.
wired 3 (beta if possible) with reaction enhancers 6.

Would help with my air hockey game.

Herald of Verjigorm
Force 6 induction datajack weapon focus. I can disrupt spirits by poking them.
Austere Emancipator
Last time you asked, back in August '03, I said: Datajack(s), Math SPU-3, Reaction Enhancer-6, Muscle Toner-4, Muscle Aug-4, Cerebral Booster-2, Mnemonic Enhancer-3. I stand by that. I don't see much harm in letting other people have those either.
QUOTE (Moon-Hawk)
Man, I just want a sleep regulator.

Yeah, that's a good start.

If we're talking a single piece of bioware/cyberware, I want a topped out Cerebral Booster.

If we're talking multiple items, then: sleep regulator, cerebral booster, mnemonic enhancer 3, nictating membranes, and pathogenic defense (as much as I can handle). Maybe muscle aug, but just to look a bit more ripped - I'm happy with my strength. Oh, and suprathyroid gland or symbiotes 3. I'm a desk jockey. Something to work against swivel chair spread would be awesome.
Wellllll, are we going by SR3 or SR4? smile.gif

Going by SR4, and assuming Alphaware and Cultured Bio is available to me, and that money is not a problem... (IE: 1 million nuyen only for mods)


Cyberware (All Alpha)
Wired Reflexes 2
Reflex Trigger 2

Ears, Cyber Replacement
+Ear Dampener
+Ear Hearing Amplifier
+Sound Filter 5
+Spatial Recognizer

Eyes, Cyber Replacement
+Eyes, Image Link
+Eyes, Flare Compensation
+Eyes, Electronic Vision Magnification 2
+Eyes, Low-Light
+Eyes, Microscopic Vision
+Eyes, Opticam

Maths SPU 3
Encephalon 1
Memory (60 MP)
Smartgun II Processor
Smartgun II Induction Pad
Smartgun II Limited Simsense Rig

Bioware (All cultured)
Mnemonic Enhancment 3
Cerebral Booster 2
Sleep Regulator
Cultured Dietware
Cultured Synthacardium 2

I want all of that to make life happier for me on my campus.
Yes, even the Smartgun Link II. smile.gif

Past that, a sleep regulator, and past that, enhanced articulation. My knees keep reminding me how broken they are.
perhaps especially the SL2.
QUOTE (Me two and a half years ago)
Cyberware: Math SPU 3, Datajack, Transducer, Hearing Amplification, Dampening, High Frequency Mod, Low Frequency Mod, Select Sound Filter-5, Spatial Recognizer, Balance Augmenter, Flare Compensation, Electronic Eyemag 3, Display Link, Microscopic Vision, Retinal Clock, Ultrasound, Jolt Alert (never oversleep again!).

Bioware: Enhanced Articulation, Muscle Toner-4, Muscle Augmentation-2, Mnemonic Enhancement-3, Sleep Regulator, Synaptic Accelerator-2.

List still looks pretty good to me. Maybe throw in something to cure this prefrontal and premotor hypometabolism.

After work this weekend I could really use a sleep regulator.

Although if I could afford one I wouldn’t buy it, I would give up security work.

I would take the memory enhancement package and go back to uni.

Sleep Regulator sure is popular...what does that imply I wonder?

For me a Datajack and definitely a Pain Editor.
Cyber eyes w/ display link or image link, the "better" of the two
Headware Memory

This way I can upload tutorials and other stuff into my head. Have it right in front of me
while I learn. Ooh, I could upload one of those car books so I could work on my own car.

Ear replacement w/ the hearing enhancement stuff (my hearing isn't so good anymore)
The sleep regulator - because let's face it, who doesn't wish they could get by on a few hours of sleep? Mainly because at one time or other we have, and it wasn't fun. smile.gif

Cybersenses, definitely, especially the eyes. Bye bye nearsightedness, astigmatism, and glaucoma, hello perfect vision with extras like zoom-in features, camera, etc.

A cerebral booster or skillwires, even a knowsoft link, would be cool. Don't know about the mnemonic enhancer, though. Not all memories are good, and perfect recall could really be a double-edged "blessing".

Definitely some of the cosmetic bioware like dietware and clean metabolism. Even some of the less cosmetic stuff like muscle augmentation and toner, or enhanced articulation - look like a bodybuilder, and feel like an athlete, without working out 4 hours a day.
QUOTE (Glyph)
Definitely some of the cosmetic bioware like dietware and clean metabolism. Even some of the less cosmetic stuff like muscle augmentation and toner, or enhanced articulation - look like a bodybuilder, and feel like an athlete, without working out 4 hours a day.

Ooo, dietware. That might be better than suprathyroid...then again, suprathyroid helps out on the athletic endeavors...
The cybersenses is becoming more attractive. Often times I wish I could zoom in on something for convenience.

I think a Math SPU might be a little bit of a let down. Right now, I *know* calculus. But having a Math SPU (for someone else) means they just have a graphing calculator in their head, right? I mean, they can calculate faster than I can, but do they have an intuitive understanding of the subject? I don't know.

I notice there's a lot of 'brain augmentation' going on. I think that's neat.
Sleep Regulator, Enhanced Articulations, and replacemente eyes (bio or cyberware, whatever). I know I could use them all.
QUOTE (El_Machinae)
I think a Math SPU might be a little bit of a let down. Right now, I *know* calculus. But having a Math SPU (for someone else) means they just have a graphing calculator in their head, right? I mean, they can calculate faster than I can, but do they have an intuitive understanding of the subject? I don't know.

No, probably not. On the other hand, in the hands of someone who does know calculus, they're able to perform the calculations while tied upside-down in the middle of a field with nothing more advanced than stone-age technology (except maybe the rope) for miles around.

I mean, your point is accurate, but it's only a letdown if you misunderstand what these devices are meant to accomplish. It's no more a letdown than discovering that the copy of Maple 9 on my other laptop doesn't suddenly give me an intuitive understanding of differential equations.

Diffey Q's!
After carefull consideration Id like to add a knowsoft link to that datajack.
QUOTE (Lindt)
Diffey Q's!
After carefull consideration Id like to add a knowsoft link to that datajack.

Diffey Screw!

That's how we called it at my school. Well, mainly the kids who didn't do to well.

skillwires, knowsoft, and probably cybereyes w/ thermo/lowlight/vision mag

with the skillwires, you can do the cheezy, 'I know Kungfu' line from matrix... nyahnyah.gif
I think skillwires involving "get up, shower, get dressed, eat, get out the door" would be popular. That way, you could literally stumble out the door half-asleep.

I also think that an exercise routine would be a neat skillwire too. That way you could study for your course via your datajack, in addition to running through the paces automatically. It would be a good way of staying fit without wasting time.
Dietware! Definitly Dietware! And clean Metabolism for the Sauerkraut-Orgies

Cybereye w. ImageLink and AntiGlare - I hate glasses!

Than a 4-Slot Chipjack for all the technical manuals I lug around

Math-SPU 3. I can do calculus. I can do it much better with my trusty old TI-85 at hand

For the times I use good Software like Solaris, OS/390 and OS/400 or similar stuff: A Datajack. Just remember not to use it with MS or PinguCrap software

Enhanced Articulation - Rheumatism runs in the family. And a Synthicardum-2 for the heart.

Symbionts or a Guardian Angle for the rest of the healthcare

Digestive Expansion for all the days I am forced to take an early morning (1 AM) lunch at McDrek.

And a Nephritic Screen so I win in the German-Russian-Polish Pentalon[1]

Internal GPS with oriantation system

A steal at barely 400.000€ for the basic variant and an Essence cost of 2.6

[1]German Beer, German Schnaps, Polish Wodka, Russian Wodka, Scotch
IIRC Digestive Expansion and Clean Metabolism are incompatible.

hmmm ... I'll take an leonization while we are at it.
MK Ultra
Well, if availability and mony donŽt metter, IŽd wait for as long as my week will goes, to see the nasty longtermeffects of all the goodies. Than IŽd probably take all the non-obvious stuff, especially bio-, sense- and brainware, anyway and hope for futur therapies of the longtermeffects.

Leonisation sounds good to me wink.gif

If IŽd have to opt for only one implant, IŽd probably go with the sleep regulator. Man sleeping as long as I WANT, every night and having half the night to do other stuff anyway, that would really ROCK biggrin.gif

Next in my herarchy would be mnemonic enhancer, IŽve got less problems, to understand things, then to keep stuff in memory.
Daddy's Little Ninja
I would like low light vision, because my night vision is really bad. And the bioware that lets you keep slim no matter what you eat.
This is probably a good indication of what kind of mods the "average" person in 2060/2070 would go for. The kind of things that relieve them of personal responsibility - IE, the diet mod. that lets you pork out and not pack pounds. The sleep regulator that gives us the time to do what we want, and the jolt-alarm for those of us who can't wake up without a drill sergent.

Then there's the loonatics like me who want so much cyber, wires and bio that they could become a pocket decker/sammie/gunbunny at a moment's notice.

(I'm not kidding about wanting an SGL2 for campus life, though...)
I see that.

I'm ALL about the brain augmentation. That would be the bomb.
And I'm all for seeing what viruses we can get to affect brainware. Wheeee! biggrin.gif
Kyoto Kid
Enhanced Articulation - Man Arthritis is a bitch.

Mnemonic Enhancement 3 - Would make the workday easier.

Head Radio - Could listen to tunes without the boss knowing it.

Low Light Vision (retinal modification) - Cure for the clinically night blind.

Muscle Toner (Rating 2 minimum)- Faster more agile is a good thing, especially when your on your bike & that SUV thinks you don't belong on the road.

Pathogenic Defence - In this day & age with viral strains mutating right & left, need all the protection one can get.

Encephalon - Organisational aid for multitaskers.

Suprathyroid Gland + Cerebral Booster + Sleep Regulator= better stronger faster longer

Cyberware Comlink, IF it is available as easily upgradeable "comlink slot" for my skull.

Everything else depends on the money. This list should pay for itself if installed early in life.
caramel frappuccino
Mr. Stu...oh wait, wrong game.
erm, this one is a stumper.

Can i be a mage?

if I had to go for cyber/bio i'd get Tailored Pheromones, Synaptics, muscle toner and a bunch of headware.

But I'd still want to be a mage.
QUOTE (Ophis)
erm, this one is a stumper.

Can i be a mage?

if I had to go for cyber/bio i'd get Tailored Pheromones, Synaptics, muscle toner and a bunch of headware.

But I'd still want to be a mage.

Okay, add in

Smartgun-II with Rangefinder

And the please all be wary wary quiat. I am huntn da Maggic :=)
definetely a multislot chipjack, maxed out skilwires and that chipjack thing that lets you have a taskpool (I can't remember what its called off hand), and an assload of Knowsofts,skillsofts and linguasofts.

Man my resume would be padded.
I have tinnitus, which means my ears constantly ring, even in an environment of pure silence. It normally doesn't bother me too badly, but sometimes just being aware of it, like I am now, is enough to make me a little upset. I'd like to have cyberears, myself. I'm actually keeping up with developments in various cybernetic fields, because something like a replacement for the inner ear (like for the deaf) would be one of the most feasible, in my opinion.

I look forward to the day I can sit in a quiet room and actually get to enjoy the silence. smile.gif
Isn't tinnitus a brain-thing? The sound goes away when you concentrate on something else, doesn't it?

Would people opt for the longevity treatments?
Nervous system. The sound does not go away, though (like real ambient sounds) if it's soft enough it can be ignored under normal circumstances. It can become loud enough to overwhelm outside sounds.

Ankle Biter
QUOTE (caramel frappuccino @ Mar 28 2006, 05:35 PM)
Mr. Stu...oh wait, wrong game.


Bioware cultured tailored pheromones 2, orthoskin 3, pain editor, sleep regulator should have a similar effect....

(all night every night, and she'll never know...)

Then I would add menmonic enhancers 3, cerebral booster max, delta encephalon, delta SPU math 3, cultured enhanced articulation,

Throw in delta wireds highest level fittable with a step-trigger.
delta Bone lacing if it fits.

That ought to do me.
QUOTE (Ophis)
erm, this one is a stumper.

Can i be a mage?

I was trying to keep the 'wishlist' within things that seem to be theoretically possible in the real world.

It's seems a LOT of people here support the idea of human augmentation for themselves. It then seems logical to take steps to make this augmentation likely within your lifetime.
Doing what I can.

Are you actually taking positive steps to make it more likely for you? What're you doing?

I personally got laser-eye surgery done, and it's been one of the best things to happen to me.

What can the 'common man' do to improve the likelyhood if augmentation being eventually possible for him?
Going into research computer science, according to the current plan. May not be as direct as medical work, materials science, or chemistry, but a rising ambient tech level lifts all boats.

The field really does need more computer scientists. A minor in biology would go a long way to being able to add to genomics programs. A minor in psychology would likely help brain-modelling programs. etc.

Good luck. And thanks.
What I have done to make this a reality? I went out and got a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering - Bioelectronics and I do brain research.
You're getting paid to study the brain from an engineering perspective? Good for you, then.

What would you say are the limiting factors to the research y'all are involved in? And don't say money. Is there some tech that needs to be developed? More volunteers? Better software? Better hope and moral?

What would help?
I imagine that the Awakening would help a lot.

There's a lot of application for an on-hand healing mage to keep someone alive during exploratory surgery, methinks. smile.gif
The eradication of the free-market economy would be a big help. The only problem is, while that creates conditions that are pretty awesome for pure research, it creates pretty darn horrible conditions for actually making something useful out of that research.

Seriously, though, the three big answers that I can see for most areas (and keeping in mind that I am still a naive student, unsullied by such things as experience) are:

1) Money. I know you didn't want me to say it, but it's true. Applied research pays its own bills, but basic research largely doesn't. Fortunately we do have universities, but they need more funding and have a fundamental internal conflict which I'll get to.

2) Educated brain-meats. These things take people, people who A) know what they're doing, and B) are willing to go into research, particularly basic research. A is addressed by the universities, but a conflict is created whereby the people who do research also attempt to teach. Sometimes they're the best people for the job, sometimes they really aren't. Some professors lean more towards teaching or research as a partial counter to this problem, but that increases staff, which increase costs. Ultimately, 2A is 1. As for 2B, getting people to go into basic research involves having enough positions that are sufficiently well-paid to be worthwhile to talented individuals. 2B is also 1.

3) Advances in other areas of tech. This is really the whole list right over again, but in a different area.

If you'll note, nearly all of it comes back to money. It's depressing, really. On the other hand, I think a cultural shift could help alleviate the money issue—if basic research were more esteemed and respected, you'd find more people willing to go into it despite perhaps getting $40k less a year than they could get in the private sector. There's also the fact that a culture in which such things will be more esteemed will probably put more money into them, but that's a different issue…

So, *I* could help by a) convincing the government to increase research funding (so, you and I could write letters - it'll help) and (b) increasing the money that I make (and thus pay in taxes) and © reducing the costs that is required to be a researcher or student (somehow) and (d) supporting development in other technologies (buying the products or investing in the companies).

I think that we can also help by not wasting our money on other things. I think the technology would progress faster if I purchased an economy car, invested the saved $10,000 in a biotech mutual fund, and didn't buy an SUV. The same can be said of restaurant meals, seeing new release movies, buying less booze, etc.
If I could only have one piece of 'ware... Enhanced Articulation. As it stands, my joints will start degrading in no time due to the abuse I take from martial arts. This abuse will probably double or triple when I start Muay Thai in October.

If I could get more...

All Deltaware or Cultured, of course.

Titanium Bone Lacing
Dermal Sheathing 3
-Balance Augmentor
-Hearing Amp
-High Frequency
-Low Frequency
-Sound Filter 5
-Spatial Recognizer
-Flare Compensation
-Image Link
-Light Systems
-Ultrasound (w/HFrq)
-Electronic Vision Mag 3
Math SPU 3

Enhanced Articulation
Muscle Augmentation 4
Muscle Toner 4
Synthcardium 2
Cerebral Booster 2
Synaptic Accelerator 2
Cultured Tailored Pheremones 2
Trauma Damper

Leaving me with a clean 3.08 Essence to toy with later.

What, a guy can dream, can't he?
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