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James McMurray
"Mr. Johnson" is a euphamism for penis. "John" is what hookers' clients are called.
Kremlin KOA
QUOTE (emo samurai)
In Robot Chicken, in the "Pimp My Sister" short, the pimped sister called the John "Mr. Johnson." I'm thinking it's more likely that's what johns are called in real life than the possibility of Seth Green being an SR addict.

hey since Vin Diesel is a D&D addict
why not?
Yup, Vin Diesel, Robin Williams, Wil Wheaton and Seth Green are all self-professed gamers. Vin even built a little castle in his backyard to game in.
QUOTE (mintcar)
[...]Heard it was supposed to have a blank page with a clip on it so you could clip on printed pages there. Is this going to happen?[...]

No. At least the German version, which happens to be available for a week now, does not have such a page.

In my opinion they could have left out the Combat Sequence and Combat Turn Sequence tables, because that's somethin everyone knows after one or two evenings of playing and so isn't userful anymore. The number of bought hits with a given number of pool dice is easily calculated, which makes that table superflous. And the Availbility Intervals aren't used that often (not even once per session) in my games. The space could have been used for something more important.
James McMurray
We use availability once per session in our games. The techies like to spend their earnings.
It's not infrequent for us to use it either, but it's usually the kind of thing that doesn't need to be quick-referenced.
James McMurray
Yeah, that's true.
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