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Full Version: Magician Adept
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Okay, so let's say I have a character with Magic 5, Sorcery 4 who's a Mystic Adept. As he stands now, his sorcery pool is 9 dice, right? Right. So let's say he burns a point of Magic for Improved Ability (Sorcery) 4. He now has effective Magic 4 and Sorcery 8 giving him 12 dice.


first off, you're capped to half of the base skill on improved attribute (see the errata). secondly, iirc improved ability only works on certain specific skill types... magic ones being a type that i don't recall being included.
i dont think you can enhance a magical skill with improved ability...

combat, physical, social and technical is listed in the description on page 187, but not magical...


heh, jaid was allready on the case...
SL James
Yeah... You've never been able to use IA for magical skills.

Centering, OTOH...
Yeah, I looked back over that after I posted the quesiton. Sorry guys... embarrassed.gif
Odd thing, you can't be a taxi-driver adept. Like they don't exist even today biggrin.gif .
IA drive would be a reasonable request to house rule in.

IA magical skills, Iím thinking not, although balance is the only reason Iím coming up with.

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