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Hocus Pocus
so i gots the latest 3 serios from keneson. i have'n't read novels in quite some time new ones. gots me in the mook and am thinkin gof buing new sourcebooks.. What ya'll think of the seris by kenneson? bought it a few days ago and am almost done with it. So far so good

but kansas city, man everoune know s it's the best city in da union. Kc kansas that is. And what of my place of birht. lawrence kansas. With haskel indian nation one of the main colleges of indian peeps. Good breath there for their fair. lawrence rue;s

sory if a little slopong, am kinda drunk
SL James
The hell you say.
I think we should set up a GAPD group (Gamers Against Posting Drunks)
Dude, go take a nappy, and edit your post when you're sober. wink.gif
I always wonder why people turn on their computer and post in forums when they're drunk - I usually have better things to do. biggrin.gif
I've never been able to fathom it either Grinder.. I have a buddy down in OKC who regularly gets sloshed while RPing in the Star Wars RPG.... If you feel you have to appologize cause you're boozed up and your poses/posts come out skewed, then it's time to walk away from the keyboard and maybe go dancing, at least then you have an excuse for behaving like a fool. wink.gif

I can remember maybe 3 times where I have consumed booze while at the keyboard, and that was a LONG time ago, when I was in my late teens. I found it frustrating not being able to type and gave it up as a novelty attempt at stupidity.
SL James

There was a guy on SL (old-timer, since almost the beginning) who used to come into chat (this is post-96 Java client SL) and post drunk. Ah, those were good times. But the best altered-state moment ever was when in an OOC page the player came in and post that he (not his character) "turns into a giant purple bat and flies away."

God... Good times. Good times.
Hocus Pocus
ah but the inflated sense of self esteem is so worth it!!! inquiring minds want to know why i drink and type sometimes? ah but you old timers would know nyahnyah.gif suffice it to say check out my sig that opens the door into the world of your friendly neighborhood Hocus Pocus!! *gracefully bows to the awe inspired whispers of everyone on the forum*

i finished the series. It was a decent one, good enough for me to jump for joy at a return of the novels, not enough for me to really remember it shining out in any particular way. But it appears the girl was from KCK! woot! and not KCM *spits* so i'll remember that particuar tidbit.

man i do wonder, what has happend to lawrence, kansas? haskel indian nation is one of the premier colleges...hmmmm one would think they' mount an offensive there and not just give it up.
SL James
Oh, I understand perfectly well about drunk posting.
QUOTE (SL James @ Apr 3 2006, 02:20 AM)
The hell you say.

biggrin.gif rotfl.gif rollin.gif

Thanks for my first real laugh of the day. Now I'll read the first post again and see if I really have anything to contribute...

begin edit:

Nope. Nothing to add really. I like Kenson's stuff.

I've decided that posting drunk rules, and I'm going to try and join in. Opening second Killian's now.

I vote that we start GTLPD. (Gamers that love posting drunk.) Sure, you can't say it, like you can "gapped", but dammit, in a few more beers you won't care. biggrin.gif
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