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Full Version: Anyone come across this before?
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I was looking up some stuff for a Castles & Crusades character background and I punched in Metsada on Google and this popped up. I can't see Mossad getting into the private detective business. Right? I did a quick whois and the domain is registered in, if I read it correctly, Mexico.

So I assume this is some sort of Jewish oriented private security business/investigation operating in the US, Isreal, Latin America, and perhaps elsewhere. Notice the services offered point listed as "Theft, Fraud, Falsification" is not clear whether they work to prevent those or just do them. smile.gif Or maybe they are actually Mexican based and orientated and using the "Isreal has nasty spies" mystique to as a marketing strategy?

Any thoughts?

P.S. The scary eye patch guy is the author of the quote underneath the picture, and he's been dead over 20 years.
Looks like that netblock's in the US, though the contact info is indeed in Mexico. When I get some time I can try to narrow it down to city-level.

Running CPanel, a shared-hosting setup. Must not be too large.

Edit: and having actually gone to the site now, I guess I could have told that from the entry page.

Edit2: server's in Indianapolis, 46214, but almost certainly doesn't belong to the web site operators.

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