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Full Version: Reaction Enhancers
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Under Cyberware (Bodyware), Reaction Enhancers state that they are "compatible with other Initiative-boosters.

The problem is, the only other Initiative-boosters I can find are Wired Reflexes and the Synaptic Booster, both of which say "cannot be combined with any other form of Initiative enhancement. Am I missing something?
Reaction Enhancers are no Initiative enhancements (even though they indirectly influence Initiative). wink.gif

That's the only way it makes sense. cool.gif

I have to agree, this has always bothered me too; the phrasing is unclear.

Pretty much, I came down in the same place Thanee did; only things that actually directly increase Initiative or grant Initiative Passes are "Initiative Enhancers". Since Reaction Enhancers only directly increase Reaction, not Initiative, they don't count, and thus aren't subject to the restriction listed under Wired Reflexes and Synaptic Accelerators (and the PhysAd Equivalent).
afaict, the initiative enhancement is really only referring to things that give you more IPs, and has nothing to do with how early in the round you go.

other things they would not stack with would presumably include any drug that gives you extra IPs, or so i would presume....
this is a holdover from older editions. they keep using the same text, even after it needs an update. heck, that text needed an update in 3rd. its still there.
I've always ruled that wired, bio, and magic were all mutually exclusive, and are exclusive from things that would boost your vr init. Reaction enhancers boost just that your reaction.
it doesn't really need a update when initaitive isn't the same as reaction =p
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