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Full Version: I need the lowdown on the Azzies
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The adventure I am planning to run next concerns Aztechnology, and I need some info on their security forces. Specifically, I think there's a group called the Jaguar Warriors or something along those lines? Their elite, Aztec themed, super-forces. I plan to use one as a recurring villain for several adventures, and I need to know about the group. What are they like? What's their schtick? More magic or cyber? How do they dress, act, etc.? How does Aztechnology generally use them?

The one in question is going to be present at a bio research facilty. (An EVIL bio-research facility, filled with assorted nasty doom-viruses and such.) Are they ever assigned as guards, perhaps as the head of security? Would it be more reasonable for him to be on an inspection (perhaps a surprise, thus explaining why the runners intel won't know he's there. Hmmm.)

Anyway, any information you all could provide would be 5w337. Thanks.
1) the Aztlan SB is a bit dated
2) I'm posting this from memory

The Jaguar Guards are the munchkin elite of Aztlan/Aztechnology. They protect the very most important sites like the pyramids and top sites, and *ONLY* in Aztlan.

For lesser sites, and anything not in Aztlan, there are the Leopard Guards. These are badass-lite.

Since Aztechnology is Aztlan, these security forces always pack milspec equipment and tactics, since, well, they are military.

In both you'll find especially a lot of adepts, but mages are common enough. The mundanes are cybered up. The Jaguar have their own innitiatory group, based on Warrior dogma (though totems tend to be featered serpent, jaguar, etc.. just saying they have a warrior philosophy).

Sometimes, for Very Very Annoying Enemies, Aztechnology will dispatch a team of Jaguars with the SOLE PURPOSE of killing their target, no matter where he goes. This is an exceptional measure, you REALLY have to torque off Aztechnology to warrant this.

I think the Jags always operate as a team, so it's unlikely you'd find a single one anywhere. And like I said, not outside Aztlan.
Gotcha, so since the site in question is outside of Aztlan, I should be looking at the Leopard Guards. That still works fine for what I need. I presume they are also mil-spec, crazy badasses? Just not to the extreme of the Jaguar Guard?
Exactly smile.gif
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