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Full Version: Datajack necessary?
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I have a question maybe some of you might have an awnser for. Yesterday while I was making my hacker, I decide to go with an internal Comlink, easy enough. I had already added the sim Rig/with Hot BTL interface. Then I noticed in the cyberware section a simrig with/ the hot BTL option.

This is my question, if im going with an internal comlink do I have to switch over to an internal simrig as well. Also if I do do I take both essence losses the one for the simrig and then the one for converting over to, or just take an essence loss for both of them.
I don't know what you mean by "converting it over".

There is an internal cyberware simrig (in bodyware), there is also an external simrig accessory for commlinks.

Buying the external accessory for your internal commlink doesn't make a lot of sense unless you have a datajack. Then you could wear the simrig node-net and plug it into your head to use with your internal commlink.

Personally, I'd just go with the internal simrig if you're bothering with an internal commlink.

Also, there is a sim MODULE (internal and external), which is different, entirely, but is probably suffiencent for your needs.
Ack sorry wrong wording, I was talking about a sim module not the sim rig. I dont "need" simrig as a hacker do I. Yes I ment Sim Module

Ok, Sorry its because the way I see it in my head is they basicly grabed a comlink and the simmodule is like somthing that hooks up to it. and they grab that and implant it in my characters head.

So to run a HOT simrig (you get a bonus to hacking when you are running hot right? Sorry im new to this.) I would need to purchase both Internal Simmodule and /modified to run HOT and deduct the essence cost of both?

BTW I already have the Datta jack so why bother with the Trodes.
A simrig and a simmodule are two different things.

The simmodule allows the computer to basically "write" senses to your brain when it is connected to it. The simrig is a lot more expensive and allows you to both "read" and "write" senses from your brain. If I'm not mistaken, even a simple simmodule can read brain impulses/commands.. .allowing you to just think words onto the screen or something. The simrig just adds the ability to read your 6 senses in a form that the computer could understand. You would only need a simrig over a simmodule if you wanted to be able to record your character's senses/emotions, and if you did you wouldn't need a simmodule at all.

So, assuming you were talking about a simmodule (what most people use with their commlinks in order to experience simsense) its not specified in the rules really whether the sim module is an external accessory that plugs into your commlink, or something you could have built into the commlink before it is implanted (up to your GM I suppose) but they do have an essence cost for a cyberware sim-module - so you probably will want one of those.

Again, otherwise you could have a regular sim-module hanging from your keychain but you'd either have to wire it through your datajack into your internal commlink, or connect to it wirelessly for it to do anything - unless your GM says you can have one implanted with the commlink for free.
You can have either an Internal commlink + Sim, Datajack and external Commlink + Sim, or Sim Clothing + External Commlink (/w Skinlink) + Sim + Trodes. You have to have a DNI somewhere though.
The only rule with the Sim is that it has to be connected directly to the Commlink, if i remember the rules right. I just created a hacker not 2 days ago so i read over the entire Matrix section. I'm only meta-human though. cool.gif
@ BlackHat - Simrigs allow the recording of emotions and feelings to disk. Thats how BTLs and SIM movies are made. I dont think the simrig translates computer input into emotions and feelings.
LOL ok, let me try this in a diffrent approach.

Say one of you is making a hacker, in my case Im going to try to make an Orc combat hacker.

I want my hands free so I can hold weapons be on the move beat people up, basicly I dont want to have to worry about my comlink getting in the way.

I want to be able to run the Matrix as best as possible, and from what Iv read that is running at HOT. ( this comes from a sim module which has been riged to run both cold and hot, right?)

Looking through gear I bought a emporor comlink, mainly for the cassing Up graded my four rattings to 5's. payed the 2,000 and essance to make it internal. Now what do I need to attach? The sim Module am I right? I dont plan on recording my emotions or runs.

So what do I need to do next to make this happend and how much essence is it going to cost me besides what I have already invested to make the comlink internal?
Internal commlinks all automatically include a sim module. This is stated in the Unwired World section, although I don't have a page number handy.
5000 nuyen.gif and 0.2 essence for a hot sim module as headware...

hmm. given moon-hawk's statement, we may have a contradiction on our hands...
Page reference will be edited in momentarily...
edit: Pg. 228
A simsense module is required to access full VR.  The sim module is a commlink accessory that you access with a datajack or trode net.  Simrigs (both worn and implanted) and cranial commlinks also contain sim modules.

It may be contradictory, but it is crystal clear.
Dang it you guys, you made me get out my book at work. ohplease.gif
in my book the "and cranial comlinks" part is missing. and by the looks of it i have the second print.
Well AFAIK that's the only reference in the book that states that cranial links have them, so if that line has been taken out, then you need to get them seperately.
I have to admit, I always did suspect that it was an error.
hmm. just checked the errata. and there is no change listed for page 228.
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