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Full Version: Matrix addiction in RL...
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Hmm... I would think that things would only get worse by 2070...
As an aside, is there any reason why this (and really, any RL news) is in the SR4 section instead of the SR section? Is it somehow relevant to SR4 and *NOT* to all of Shadowrun? I ask only because, as someone who doesn't play SR4, I generally avoid that forum, so appropriate categorization of threads is important to me.
i guess its because that for SR4 players, this forum have taken over for the general SR forum. i have more or less stopped visiting the general SR forum...

so unless one can start to mix SR3- and SR4 threads in the same forum, i have a feel it will continue...

either that or one starts up a SR/RL crossover forum (alltho i dont think there is a need for one).
It's in the SR4 forum because it has to do with the the wireless matrix. If people are like this with cell phones, imagine what they'd be like with commlinks and AR.
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