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Full Version: Where to download SR4 from?
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So I think I am most likely going to download the SR4 rulebook.

This will be the first time I have downloaded a RPG book, as I usually like to have the proper book.

Anyway, I was wondering, where is the best place to download it from? There are like four different websites you can get it from, is one any better then the others?

I don't know about better but I get my Shadowrun PDFs from BattleCorps. The main reason is that I see them having the closest ties with FanPro. Also I have never had any problems with them after downloading some 15 PDFs.

Another reason I have is that when Holostreets eventually gets launched it will be run by the same company as BattleCorps so I imagine my account will be the same and thus I will continue buying all my stuff and getting updates from one company. Of course I could be entirely wrong about this.
I second Wizard's recommendation. I'm a BattleCorps subscriber (read their fiction) and have purchased 15-20 PDFs from them, and I've never had a problem. More to the point, the couple of people I know of who've had problems with PDFs from there (losing them, bad PDFs, whatever) have gotten swift and good support from the admins there.
thanks for the tip guys.

i downloaded it tonight and am mightily impressed with the .pdf file.

I think it will work well having a laptop infront of me when running SR4.
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