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Full Version: Dragon Name Pronounciation Guide
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How has everyone else been pronouncing dragon names? Here's my list of the tough ones:
Alamais - al-a-MAY-iss
Celedyr - SELL-eh-deer
Dzitbalchen - "that-DEE-dragon-from-Aztlan" or ZIT-block-en (silent D?)
Eliohann - el-EE-oh-han
Hualpa - who-ALL-pa
Lofwyr - LOFF-were
Masaru - mass-ARE-oo
Mujaji - moo-JAGE-ee (JAGE like judge only long "ah" instead of "uh")
Perianwyr - pear-ee-AN-were
Rhonabwy - row-ON-a-bwee (This one I'm pretty sure of, my GM is Welsh and he says you roll the r... so it's like "Rrrr-on-a-bwee")
Ryumyo - Rye-um-YO
Sirrurg - SEER-rurg
emo samurai
The "h" in spanish is silent, so I think it would be called "Wall-pah."
Kremlin KOA
Hestaby: "Oh baby, that is good, just a little lower.
Alamais: Ah-la-may. assumed it was French

Celedyr: Kel-eh-dear. just because Boston has the Celtics... i wouldnt go calling kilt clad clansman a Selt.. would you?

Dzitbalchen: 'zh'.. like 'sh' only with a lot more 'z' to it. um think the chinese pronounciation of 'x' maybe? to me it looks Slavo-germanic... but its indiginous mexican yes?

Eliohann: Eh-lee-oh-hahn

Hualpa: i go Wall-pa too.

Masaru: Mah-Sah-Roo. assumed Asian

Mujaji: got me. Moo-jah-gee? Moo-ha-he?

Ryumyo: Reeyou-Myo. assumed Asain again. 2 syllables, not 3.

oh, and i've always pronounced anything -wyr as in 'we're going somewhere', not the lycan 'were'.
[Disclaimer: I have a bachelor's in Linguistics, but I haven't studied Linguistics specifically for a while. All this stuff is just guessing.]

Well, it depends on the base language. Most of these dragons seem happy to have names that are more or less based on relatively modern language, so I'm going to assume that's the case.

Alamais: Looks French, so it would be pronounced a-la-MAY.
Celedyr: One o' them Celtic languages (Welsh or Pictish or some such), so KEL-eh-deer.
Dzitbalchen: Not a clue. If it really is Aztec, then it would be pronounced dzi-TBAL-chen.
Eliohann: Not a clue. Sperethiel, maybe? If it is, my call would be eh-LI-o-han.
Hualpa: Spanish is a good guess, but I'm going to go with a generic Spanish-Native creole with this one and say HWAL-pa.
Lofwyr: Gaelic. LOF-weer.
Masaru: Japanese. This has one of those retroflex 'r' sounds in it, so the 'r' isn't an 'r' like in English. Also, there isn't really what you'd call emphasis in Japanese, either. ma-sa-ru.
Mujaji: Sounds more Swahili than Xhosa or Bantu, so I'd make it moo-JAH-jee.
Perianwyr: More Gaelic. per-ee-AN-weer.
Rhonabwy: The 'r' is rolled, but also aspirated, like you're saying 'h' along with it. HRON-a-bwee.
Ryumyo: Another Japanese name. In Japanese, the 'y' is treated as a consonant, so this name only has two syllables: ryu-myo.
Sirrurg: Doesn't look like a natural language. Let's just run with SER-erg.

Did I miss any?
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