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Full Version: casting at a folci
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Straight Razor
ok. 3rd ed question. i know that more or less did away with the grounding rules. from 2nd ed. though i liked them and might revert to them.

so... if i cast from the astral into a floci what exactly happens now.
is there a difference between
physical and mana
single target and AOE
and what about a anchoring folci that is miles from the creator?
Kanada Ten
From the Astral one can only cast Mana spells. AoE spells will affect all Astrally active targets inside their radius, while single target will only affect one Astrally active target. The person who bonded the foci can always defends for it, regardless of distance (hell, they feel the Drain when it is activated, too). Foci can be engaged in Astral Combat, as well.
You can attack the foci and disrupt it ... but you cannot have a physical manifestation like in sr2. No hell blasts popping off sustaining foci.
Foci is the plural of focus, so you cannot talk about foci being an "it"; they are a "them". Several sustaining foci. One sustaining focus.

And there is no L in the word focus, nor in its plural.
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