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Full Version: Potency & The Twisted Way
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Wey, my first post!

In my new campaign I'm currently running as a ghoul twisted adept (of all things). What i want to know is peoples opinion of how potency would be gained, as MITS is quite vague.
Kanada Ten
Well, it's vauge because NPCs don't need hard and fast rules - the GM usually just assigns a reasonable amount and raises it as the threat completes goals.

If I were to allow PC twisted way, then I would say one could exchange karma for potency, which should work as long as they stay in character.
If it's a PC, let him purchase it at the same cost as initiating, with their dastardly deeds reducing the cost of it.
Considering how potent potency can be for an adept I'd have to agree with Nick about the cost but I'd add one caveat.

Your Twisted Way adept should have a specific MO for gaining potency. He may be a master thief, he may be a consumate warrior, he may be a serial killer or he may be something else entirely. His methods and designs should always be twisted but they should follow a certain pattern. He may stalk and kill. He may break into high security areas and destroy priceless artifacts. He may be like that guy from Saw. He may be like that [insert favorite serial killer here]. His methods may seem unconscionable to most or they may seem to just be eccentric.

He may also be a member of a Twisted inititory group, in which case he should follow their MO if he has one.

I'd like to congragulate you on finding a GM who would allow a PC with Potency in the first place.
QUOTE (hyzmarca)
I'd like to congragulate you on finding a GM who would allow a PC with Potency in the first place.

thanks, he's nuts nyahnyah.gif
I've considered allowing it for a voodoun Petro in one of my games. I was going ot charge the same cost as it takes to raise spirit energy as a free spirit, but I Think the initiation makes more sense. Basically because it's an existing mechanic for raising an adepts power, with a stiff minimum cost.

I'd be interested to hear how it goes so I can better decide wether or not to allow it in my game.
the way i'd handle PC Potency is to make it a cross between an ordeal and a thesis. basically, the character has certain goals, which the GM should work out beforehand with or without the player's input (depends on the PC). the character then works towards these goals, and if he achieves them, the cost of his next initiation is reduced accordingly. but if he is thwarted, or if his work is ever somehow undone afterwards, he loses the grade until/unless he can somehow make amends.

i might make it so that if the GM gets to set the goals himself, the PC is counted as being in an initiatory group even if he works alone.
SL James
*cough* Way Ordeal *cough*
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