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Full Version: Some pronounciation
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I've either missed how to pronounce these words or don't have any of the books with how to pronounce them in it, and it's been annoying me to no end.

Anyone know how you pronounce:

Shidhe EDIT: Nevermind on this one. I found it while reading the London source book.



Thanks in advance!
Austere Emancipator
How do you actually pronounce Tir Tairngire?
That's what I get for forgetting to use the search dead.gif

This link might help some.

t with slender vowels (e, i), as in "tin."
t with broad vowels (a, o, u), as in "threw."

g with slender vowels (e, i), as in "give;" never as j.
g with broad vowels (a, o, u), as in "go;" never as j.

Also keep in mind that, in Gaelic, vowels are sometimes thrown in to change the sound of the consonant, not to be pronounced themselves....

If I read the guide correctly, it's teer thairngeer. I'll ask someone I know who actually speaks Gaelic & get back to you on this....
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