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Full Version: The 8 questions of JsonaVar (E/S crossover teaser)
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QUOTE (Witness)
>>[Exile]: Maybe the "sea" is space; it is definitely dark, if not tempestuous.

>>[Hubris]: A physicist friend of mine insists that even empty space is tempestuous! But maybe I'm nitpicking

>>[stevebugge] Well that adds a new wrinkle to things. Astrology has been studied for millenia, much like various geomantic practices. Remember all the wackyness in 2061 because of a comet and then that stuff in Dunkelzahn's will about the Mars photos. Now this interpretation of sea leads me to wonder if the Geomancy and Astrology have more of a connection than anyone had previously thought? I'm going to need another drink, that made my head hurt.
>>[Dresden] Imagine the scale of the event it would take to get metahumanity all working for the same goal. I mean, the Corps and the Syndicates want Power, the kids in the Barrens wanna stay warm, I just wanna put food on the table.

I mean, to get Damien Knight holding hands with some Orc from Redmond.....c'mon, not in this lifetime.
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