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Full Version: what level are adept senses?
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In the faq's of sr3 it was stated that when an adept bought a sense improvement that was normally done in levels (eg. vision mag.) the character automatically got it at the highest level.
Obviously no such ruling has come out yet for sr4.
What do people think? If my adept takes improved hearing does he get it at level 3 or 1?
My intuition (+ Logic?) would be that it's one level per .25 spent on it, much like the non-combat skill improvements.
Kanada Ten
Make it level based on the cost (2.5 BP), equivilant to 12,500. Having them buy it per level is silly since a level of skill improvment normally costs 4 BP while the adept is paying just over half that.
I've always seen and played as adept senses are max "level" unles it states in the particular entry that you pay per level.
I was assuming that the SR3 ruling carried over. However, I doubt that you will be getting a definitive answer -- mayhaps another FAQ is in order.
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