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Full Version: Houserule ideas for magical groups?
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emo samurai
FanGirl wants to submerge soon and I need some ideas for ways to reduce the karma cost of this, since there isn't any Street Magic or Unwiring going on yet... Help?
Not that there was a way for otaku to reduce the cost but I would look at the % reductions for group and ordeal in MITS and use those as your baseline. I think it was about 10-15 % for each.

Submersion (and initiation) costs "10 + (Grade x 3)" karma. If it was me, I'd knock the 10-15% off of the "10" part of the equation, rather than the "(Grade x 3)" part. I know that's not how it was done historically, but I always thought it odd that one's bonus increased with one's power.

Of course, we may be assuming that groups still give initiation/submersion benefits. In any case, we'll know soon enough.
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