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This was probably posted somewhere but I had trouble finding it. I like most gamers like my Guns and High Tech gear for my characters, as do the people in my gaming group. I saw some books for SR3 that had gear in them, can'tr remember the titles off the top of my head. Are these books compatable with SR4 or should I just wait for new SR4 books to be printed ?

Thanks in advance for the input

You mean, like the Cannon Companion and Man and Machine, and maybe Rigger 3 Revised?

They're SR3, and I don't see why they couldn't be converted. Of course, the conversions wouldn't be canon (no pun intended), but it should work for your game, if everyone is happy with the conversions.
Kanada Ten
I wouldn't advise buying them for SR4, much of the gear is in the Core Book, and Rigger 3 is a nightmare. Also, Matrix will be all but useless (Target: Matrix might not be). However, since much of the gear is in the Core, converting is rather easy. If your friends happen to own or find a stack of SR3 books, then that's another story. The biggest short-comings are in magic (adept powers and spirit types, most notably) and vehicle rules (like pop up turrets and concealed armor).
any converting you do would largely be a matter of looking at a particular piece of gear and making up SR4 stats for it.
My advice, unless you really just want a huge glut of some particular type of gear *now*, would be to wait the (couple of months - end of the year) until the SR4 book for it comes out.
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