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WHERE in the 3rd edition Core Rules/Mits does it tell you how much Karma is required to learn a spell?

I'm not talking about design - this is a simple monetary transaction for a certain spell formula that's readily available. (Heal, level 6)

-I've always worked off of 1 Karma for each force of the spell but one of my players has asked me for the actual rule after I tossed him the 3rd Ed Core.

Then the wise-ass suggested that it could be like an active skill (1.5 x desired new level, each time) which resulted in not so subtle suggestions by the magic-using players to shut the frag up before they broke a broomstick off in his ass.
(Magic-users are Karma-holes as it is, for something like that as a rule, god...)

Being anal, I checked but it wasn't where I thought it was and I'm quite stumped. Shall read through more thoroughly later on but a page number would be very useful.

Thank you,

Austere Emancipator
Page 180, SR3: "Learning spells also costs Good Karma (p. 242) equal to its desired Force."
And you can reduce that by going on Astral quests or restricting it so that it's an Exclusive or Fetish spell.
Austere Emancipator
These appearing at MitS pp. 94-95 and SR3 pp. 180-181, respectively.

Duh me - I was sure I'd read that one 4 times in the core rules...

Thank you - I know how "Going to the metaplanes for fun and smackdown" reduced karma requirements, but had a total mental blank for the simple stuff.

Mooches off sheepishly...

The tradeoff is that spells can't be upgraded like skills. If you want to learn a spell at a higher force you have the pay the whole cost for the new spell.
Good to see you back Tir. (and not using sr4)

We all have brain farts. Some of us are a little more flatulant than others.
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