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Dim Sum
Thanks, Siege, the link works.
Talia Invierno
(Returning to core topic)

To become a Ghost, I'd suggest the following base criteria:

* having actually served the conscription term in a combat capacity (as opposed to either "home guard" equivalent or having bought one's way out)
* at least one voluntary term of duty over and above the conscription term (probably between 2-7 years in the Tir, depending upon individual GM interpretation)
* demonstrated exceptional ability and attributes (including leadership and IN!), with or without magical aptitude or 'ware
* still on the upward curve before age starts to take a toll on physical abilities
* absolutely unquestionable loyalty to the Tir and its domestic policies

If any one of those were missing, the candidate won't even be considered. (It's not like there's a shortage of candidates - it is an elite unit, after all.)

How many non-elves are likely to have the last two of those qualities?
that still places it squarely in the "unlikely, but possible" category.
Talia Invierno
That's about what I was thinking - but at least it gives some specific criteria to work with.

Amending the previous post, I might add "having already been demonstrated under fire" to the loyalty proviso - which would only limit the non-elf numbers more. (Loyalty to what is familiar and fitted comfortably into one's own image seems to come much more easily than loyalty to something different and/or new and/or not likely to be beneficial to oneself or one's immediate circle.)
If you want the offical version of what a Tir Ghost team looks like. Open up Corporate Punishment and go to the first adventure. At the end they have the whole team laid out. In short all are elves, and all but one (out of 6) are magically active, with at least 3 initiations. The one who isn't has some crazy cyberware. I won't say anything else for the people who haven't run through Corporate Punishment, but Ghosts are no joke.
that's a ghost team. it's not the ghost team. and, yeah, they're 1337.
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