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Full Version: Which book for SR3 NPC stats?
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I've been into sr3 for awhile but ive never found a book with lots of general stats geared to SR3. i hope one exists as I find sr2 npc's generally underpowered. NPC's i mean are corp security, mages, lone star officers, stuff like that.
Thanks in advance.
Make sure that you add your professional and threat rating to all dice rolls. it tends to punch them up a bit.
There aren't a lot with specific stats for NPC's out there. Target:Matrix has info on a lot of deckers. The Brainscan adventure has good stats for a few folks like Dodger, Ronin, some Red Samurai. The Corporate Punishment adventure module has some great stats for Tir Ghosts and MTC's Unit 13. Most times, stats are only llisted in relation to the PC's stats. As in "superior should be 2-3 ranks higher on main skills in realtion to the PC's " or something to that effect.
Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book has several NPCs, broken down by category, all easily scaled by adding a few points here and there.

Remember that it's perfectly okay to only worry about the two or three skills that matter for that NPC. For example, your runners are going to have to fight their way past five mook guards? Give the guards SMG: 4, Athletics: 3. Need a quick fixer? If he's good, give him Negotiation 6 (or whatever numbers are appropriate for your game).

It doesn't matter if "guard 3" has Elven Wines 4, you're not likely to be asking what wine goes with 9mm.
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