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Full Version: Technomancer/Rigger (and err... 2nd post)
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Hey there everyone, I've been sort of lurking these boards for a little while now, thought it was finally time to add some input and get some back.

Been playing SR from 2nd to 4th, including SR3. I understood fairly well how the Matrix worked prior to SR4, hence why I never played a decker or otaku prior to now. (Decking required an adventure on its own) and even now it seems that actually hacking can still take time away. But I really like the overall "feel" of Technomancers.

Enter the Technomancer Rigger.

I understand that anyone can rig, given VR, but how specifically would a Technomancer go about only having a signal 2 or 3 at chargen, not having agents, how would they set up drones, what can sprites do with drones, etc. Also of course is the issue of protecting the drones themselves, not so much the physical as the virtual, stopping spoofed commands and such.
I was going to do this but found it under powered.

You get around the signal problem buy having a comlink. Its good for all kinds of things including being underestimated, they take away your comlink and think you canít hack them, the fools.

Next you can have agents, they ant as good as sprites but they donít take strain and you can have more.

You would set up drones in the same way, when you want one to work exceptionally well you compile a machine sprite and have it take control. this will save you a little money on auto softs (but thay where cheep anyway)

I just want to point out that commlinks are good things for TMs to have in order to carry out all their legitimate business, so that they can have something to show when the Star comes knocking on the door.
basically, you keep your drones safe on the matrix the same way as hackers.

my personal recommendations include a requirement for the correct biometric data to control your drones (requires something to read your information naturally) and those things you plug into a commlink, without which you can't get access to a system (passcodes or something like that, iirc).
leaving a sprite in a drone for a home can be a nasty suprise to a wood be hacker (hello there mister machine sprite level 5 or so)
QUOTE (CrimsonHawk)
leaving a sprite in a drone for a home can be a nasty suprise to a wood be hacker (hello there mister machine sprite level 5 or so)

machine sprite? you mean a fault sprite. the machine sprite can rig the drone... and take a beating in the matrix.

a fault sprite will be doing horrible, horrible things to mr. hacker.
well I ran into a machine sprite in my drone and a fault friend of his that came down the line to say HI to my com unit it didnt like the data bombs to much but a lvl 7 fault isnt going to be denied I guess it nearly killed me (left a perm bad taste in my mouth) it took me 3/4 of a year to recover since I couldnt be healed ( to much cyberware I guess) and pass the golden HR
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