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Full Version: Cyberware and Bioware Essence
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I know this has been mentioned before, and a brief search didn't turn up anything right away. I know if both cyberware and bioware are implanted in a subject, one group only uses half Essence. I'm just curious how that works. A page reference is sufficient.
The one using the lowest total is halved. If you have 2 points of cyber and 1 point of bio, the 1 point of bio is halved, for a total of 2.5 essence lost. Pg 301, in the black sidebar under essence cost.
Thank you kindly.

[Edit]: Took a quick look at the char sheet, and... they're dead even. One point in cyberware, one point in bioware. Do I just pick one to be halved, for now, and then switch it up once more 'ware is added, or do I get no halving bonus at all?
Choose one wink.gif. When you add one kind of ware, this can change, of course.
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