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Full Version: Converting missile mastery
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Hi, ladies and gentlemen.

Currently I am trying to convert the adept power missile mastery to SR4.
I thought to split it up into two seperate powers, one costing 0,5 points removing the modifiers from throwing uncommon missiles(chairs, desks, etc.) and the other one working the same as critical strike in melee, but adding damage for all thrown weapons.
What do you think about that? Or do you have a better idea?
I like the idea, though I'd put the first one at .25 power points. Seems a little specialised for and low use for .5
Agreed. I was not sure about it, but 0,25 definately sounds more reasonable.
Why not just combine them and have the "throw anything" bit come for free when you get your first level in the power?
0.25 still seems exessive for it.
Indeed, I should think about it a second time. Throwing weapons are somewhat sucky in actual combat, after all.
One power: 0.5.

Any object the Adept picks up that doesn't normally have a damage code now does 3 DV. Any other thrown object now does +3 DV
A more direct conversion would be (3 + 1/2 Str), or (2 + 1/2 Str) for balance.
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