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Full Version: Long Bursts, Full Bursts and Multiple Targets
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Divine Virus
I am running a game, in which a player and I have a disagreement about rule interpretation.
It is my impression that only Full Bursts can have multiple targets, however he beleives that both Long and FUll Bursts can have multiple targets.

Your thoughts on this matter?
Do yoou want the official rules?

As a GM you may change, add, or clarify, any rules that you wish.
The important part is to be fair.

Will have to reread rules and edit post later, but I would say that both Long and Full Bursts may have multiple targets.

Also Shotgun shot may have multiple targets, but it affects AP and DV.
sr4, pg143-144 Technically you can only fire FULL burst's at multiple targets for a COMPLEX action. Each target has to be within a meter of the last target. It uses 10 bullets. You treat each target like it got hit by a small burst. (either one long and one short burst, or 3 short burst. )

house rule....

A long burst is 6 bullets. If a character fired a long burst as a COMPLEX action instead of the simple action it normally is, i'd probably allow them to shoot at two targets. (a short burst each).

But thats pushing it. Full burst atleast has some bullet wastage.

Using a burst fire weapon to try and spray multiple targets is just dead wrong though. It specifically says that trying to spread a shot wide just makes it easier to hit somebody. Giving them a - dice pool mod.
If you want to hit multiple targets, suppressive fire is the way to go. You can walk full bursts as abbadon stated with the rules, but 3 people each with in a meter of each other is pretty tough to find.
Doorways or cars (or stupid runners bunching up somewhere vegm.gif ) are about the only times you see that.

Per the rules, only Full bursts, suppressive fire, and shotgun blasts can hit multiple targets, if you're talking stuff that slings lead and not explosives.
I made the mistake of lining up my security guards on a run I ran a while back. They were 2 rows of three in a hallway, one row kneeling, the second standing behind them. The things the sammy did to them with her shotgun was suprising.
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