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Full Version: The Stuffers we Luv!
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So this is a spin off of something suggested to the Every Day Gear for Runners topic. Does anyone have any memorable or funny stuffers they include in their games? I personally find that having brand names and little detail objects, accessories, and windowdressing elements makes my games a bit more enjoyable and sometimes humorous. There are a few Canon references to actual Stuffers, the infamous Ambergel in Queen Euphoria for example.

Some of the items you'll find on the shelves in my SR world:

l33t Cereal
Pr0k R1ndz (Soy crisps with imitation pork flavor)
Soy Sudz (Carbonated water, soy based alcohol, artificial beer flavoring)

Anyone else got some fun ones?
SoyaFizz. It's made of people. Yes, people. Tell the world. Try the grape flavor.
Kanada Ten
Slug Chips
Something Jerky (flavored plastic, you hope)
From a picture in one of the sourcebooks:
Soylent Blue
Soylent Red

And courtesy of Calvin and Hobbes:
Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs
Oh how could I forget Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs! Those are classic!
This would be a mighty bad thread if it didn't mention NERPS (now in Lime Yellow!)
dirt flakes.. when your lifestyle is that low. (now with real dirt!) smile.gif
NERPS, now available in Family and Economy size packs!
Nuke-Tarts. When you need that tasty crunch faster. Now in Glowing Cherry!

Frothy-caff. All the fizz, none of that pesky soda.

Aztech-muffins. You can taste the screams.
Kanada Ten
Everlastinggobstoppers - The only candy that charges rent.
The ubbergeek
Dégat-cola: Blast away your thirst!
Kyoto Kid
...40s of Spud Beer

...Soysage on a Stick

...Voodoo Doughnuts [these actually exist in RL Portland - I have them in my campaigns]

...Ork Rinds

...Fission Chips [Stuffers in the UK]
Q-bytes : Now in infinite colors! Melts in your mouth or might tunnel to Alpha-Centauri!**

**Attempts to count Q-bytes might cause a change in color and/or spatial location.
Time to break out a classic: Pistachio Nuts with the red coating.

Reminds me of the scene in one of the Naked Gun movies where they have been on stake-out and there are piles of shells so high they can barely open the car doors.
Incredelicious Fun Cakes

Choco Buster Belly Bombs

Hellfire Burritos ("I am the god of hellfire, and I bring you...")

The cheapest most watered down wine and beer at the most exorbitant prices.
- Chateu de Belch ("Made only from the okayest grapes from the hydroponic vinyards owned by Pete and Mary Brown of 24 st, apt 12, Seattle.")
- Bubba Beer (The secret ingredient is a closely guarded.....secret.)

Various cereals with saturday morning cartoon themes
- Dr. Insanity and his Exploding Hamsters
- Tama the Cat and Friends

And stufff....

"Consumer alert!!! The Stuffer Shack is now offering a line of cheap crap you don't need at extremly high prices. Come in and be treated rudely by our poorly trained clerks. Remember, at The Stuffer Shack we're not just talking about inflation, we're doing something about it! We're raising our prices!"
Don't forget the very populars:

"Karl Kombatmage Cereals with collectable spell fetishes toys inside every box!"


"Troll-Sized SoyBurgers"

Dammit, KK already mentioned Ork Rinds. nyahnyah.gif
Trog Chow!

Chocolate Muffins! (ChocoSUB added)

Troll House Cookies--now with 1% more carob!
there used to be Choco-Tarts, but the factory got destroyed during Brainscan. Choco-Tarts lives on in absentia, now; people mention how good they were, while they snack on other stuff.
FanGirl, you have just won the thread.
SoyBoy SoyBeer -- now with clinical levels of caffine, taurine, and alcohol. The breakfast of complete maniacs!

Bilk -- Bio-Milk. Not from dirty cows but clean bacteria (i.e., bacteria genmodded to produce milk)

AzetechMex Burritos

My character has a fondness for Lowbrau soybeer (thaaank you, Futurama), and his buddy, the group's dwarven sammie tends to go for the fastnuke Soy Burritos and Dale, some kind of dwarf made beer thing.
Eucalyptus-flavored chips, dripped with human blood.
Most important of course: Drop-Beer™
I can't believe I forgot drop-beer! I shall commit seppuku now.

(Oh yes, also, Aztec Cola, although I've never been sure how to spell it. AzteCola? Aztech Cola? Aztek Kola? I don't know. One wonders if it even has a spelling.)
How about Fizzy Bubble hyper sweetez cola--now in blue flavor

hey is it just me or is Fangirl just the lighting up the forums. The Last bunch of posts I have seen have been outstanding. I like to see new members jump in with both feet.


Healthgram muffin (don’t trust the ones with ‘nuts’)

Sugar Sugar Fruit Bar (so thoroughly preprocessed you can’t prove there wasn’t any fruit to begin with)

Can o worms

Mystery Patty (we think its soy, but…)

And As I posted before,
Soycaff buzz (self heating, warning: the beverage you are about to enjoy may detonate)
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (mfb)
there used to be Choco-Tarts, but the factory got destroyed during Brainscan. Choco-Tarts lives on in absentia, now; people mention how good they were, while they snack on other stuff.

...damn, Night Angel still has a freezer fiull of 'em from that run.

On the other hand, her cohort, Diamond IC never, never wants to see another Choco Tart again (still gives her bad dreams)
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