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Full Version: GM Screen in Print?
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Anyone know when this is likely to be available? Thanks!
if we're lucky, santa will leave it in our stockings.
Honestly, I just don't get it, WTF is so hard about getting it from pdF format to print. It can't really be an issue of money since they should have made enough of the pdf stuff to pay for the [printing.
The rate that books are coming out is painfully slow, and a detriment to their business. IMNHO People are going to start losing interest in the upgrades if they don't get them out.
FanPro should have copies at Origins, and it should be in stores for July. There was some issue with the printer subcontracting out part of the process.

You would be surprised how many crazy things can go wrong in the printing process. smile.gif
I can believe the complexities involved with a long print run. Glad to hear that it's on its way now!
what happened to the PDF version that was to be split into 4 regular sized sheets then available to redownload? I have that email, and I praised you on this board. That was months ago.
Ugh. I totally dropped the ball on that while busy with other projects. I'll get back on it this week.
I've been involved with about half a dozen print runs of games in various formats, and I've only seen one go smoothly. And in that one, I was licensing it to another company, so there could have been some weirdness of which I'm not aware.
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