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Full Version: Technomancer Bonus in VR Questions
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Just a couple of questions:

(p.233 - The Living Persona) ...but keep in mind that they also receive +2 to all Full-VR Matrix tests as well.

#1: Does this stack with the already +2 Matrix Perception bonus for being a Technomancer?

#2: Does this entail that in full-VR a technomancer gets a +2 to their Damage Resistance and Defense rolls?

Thanx guys...
Eryk the Red
i don't have my book on me to check, but I'm 90% certain that yes, the matrix perception bonus and the "TMs rock in the Matrix" bonus stack. I'd say yes, it helps defense, but I'm not sure about damage resistance. I'd be inclined to say no to that, but I don't have a rules reference. That's more of a gut feeling.
1) No: the "keep in mind" bit seems to indicate it's a reminder of the +2 VR bonus, rather than a seperate bonus entirely.

2) (just in case you end up deciding that 1 is actually yes) no/yes: Damage resistance is an attribute test that has nothing to do with where you are or what you're doing when you take the test, so bonus dice from being in full-VR do not apply. Defense, on the other hand, is reactive to your environment and incoming threats, which means that any bonus you get for being in that environment would apply to the check, including running full-VR versus an attack on the Matrix.
Technomancer gets 2 dice for every matrix test just like everyone in the matrix using hot VR in addition to the +2 for matrix perception tests (+4 for matrix perception tests)

the +2 hot sim bonus also applies to matrix damage resistance test
Anyone else have any insight to this?

I mean, I agree with Serbitar, but that doesn't make it true.

The Perception thing just makes AR you get +2 matrix perception for just being a Technomancer, in VR you get another +2 because you're runnin hot.

The second question however is a little tricky...I mean, if you tke it literally, a Technomancer gets a +2 on "all" matrix tests while running hot, period...and if resistance wasn't a matrix test then why is the Armor Program rating used in the roll?

I'm just lookin for some validation peeps...what do you guys say?
Serbitar said it, thus it's either right or one of his house-rules (which are btw always worth concideration). wink.gif

It also seems right with me, anyway.
No house rules, just to lazy to find the quotes. But one might like at the "they also receive" in the quote mentioned above, which explicitly indicates stacking.
Just wanted to point out that your posts are (almost) always correct.
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