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Full Version: Bots on page 240
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The two on the bottom have JAS on the side. I think one of those two is the Dalmatian, maybe the one on top? And the one at the page top must be the Fly-Spy, it's about the size of a large insect and could be sporting an array of sensors like that.
strictly thinking, i don't think those are core drones =P

the two on the bottom have two different weapons at least (the one below has a minigun on a turret plus some kind of SMG-ish gun built into the nose, the one above has a minigun + missiles/rockets)

however, if i was to guess for those two, i'd say the top one is the lockheed optic-x, the bottom is the dalmation, or maybe a rotodrone with the roto part of that removed... but it certainly looks vectored thrust IMO...

of course, like i said, neither of those suggestions really work out, since they would each require a body of at least 6... so if i didn't have to guess from the options in the book, i'd say they're some other kind of drone.

of course, it's also possible they never told the artist about such petty limitations as one weapon mount per 3 points of body wink.gif
I'm pretty sure neither of the two are Dalmatians. The Dalmatian was pictured in the Rigger Black Book and the same picture was used again for Rigger 3 Revised. Rigger Black Book and Rigger 3 also have pictures of a GM-Nissan Spotter drone. According to the GM-Nissan Spotter entry in Rigger Revised, a Lockheed Optic-X is a similar model. The GM-Nissan Spotter is a fixed-wing medium-size unmanned aerial vehicle. It's neither a vectored-thrust drone nor a rotary-wing drone.
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