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Full Version: Rinelle te'Kesrae and the strings behind them
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so im sure youve all heard the rumors of hestaby, rhonabwy, almaise, and harlequin being behind them,

but even with portland under their controll does any one kno who exactly it is that is organizing or at least started to mobilize them? and who came up with the name.

thanks in advance.
My bet was Alachia.

I noted in SoNA that the Rinelle where just lots of groups who hated the goverment, not nessecarily people who want to be less elitist about lurverly pointy ears...
My bet would be Harlequin. If I recall correctly Rinelle te'Kesrae translates as "<something> of the last Spire" and Harl was a knight of the Crimson Spire. My bet are definitely on an immortal elf and Harlequin seems like the first suspect.
SL James
Canon? Harlequin for sure, and maybe Reed. Hestaby and Rhonabwy and another GD seem to have their own machinations in order which only tangentially crosses the paths of the Rinelle.

My game: Alachia, not because she wanted to overthrow the government, but because she wanted to focus the government and Surehand into a position where he acted like a damn leader. Unfortunately for him, he failed. However, his successor is quite ruthless and only held in check from being a truly evil dictator by Prince Varien's more significant role in the government.
did they announce a new high prince?
SL James
Does it matter?

Well, let me rephrase that. It no longer matters to me. But to answer your question, no they have not. Hopefully there will be at least one reference to the Tir in Runner Havens. However, I'm not holding my breath.
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