I've been running a SR4 game for a few weeks. I'm fairly new to the Shadowrun world (Played SR3 some though) but I'm starting to get a pretty good grasp of the rules. However, one of the things that strikes me about SR4 is that unlike systems like 3.5E DnD, the rules are much more of a framework. I like this very much, but it really makes the job of running the game more significant.

My idea is to create a small series of scenarios that play out and show one possibility of how players might attack the problem. This has sorta been done in the Idiots Guide to the Matrix 2.0 but I'd love to see other things handled.

Here's a quick list of things that have occurred in my game a couple of times.
  • Meeting a contact in a bar
  • Looking for work, IE: finding a Johnson
  • Dealing with the cops
  • Breaking and Entering on corp properties