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Full Version: Criminal Geniuses at Work
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I've recently been blessed (Read the damn posts) with a group of players who not only want to play Shadowrun but want to have fun doing so.

A lot of this is sheer sugar and other stimulants, but recently people have actually been trying either for the funny or for the "classic moment".

-I've already quoted the "Bug Be Gone" one, so I'll start with another.

Scene - the group are looking to lift a container of Fairlight Excalibers from the docks as the shipment comes in.
Hey - it was their idea!

After some decent groundwork by the decker and a lot of hidden sniggering from the GM (Me) they manage to snaffle a fairly-detailed plan of the ship, the docks, etc.
Looking over the plans, the finally notice WHERE the relevant container is on the ship: third layer from the bottom, row 28.
There are 9 containers on top of the one they want.
Each container of standard size and shape (FYI: 7 feet x 7 feet x 19 feet ID) for a 20-footer, each weighing ~3000 kg empty.
And they're full.

After a few seconds mulling the information over, Sparky (elven sneak, B&E security expert) rubs his chin and muses, in his best "evil mastermind/Blackadder" voice, "We're going to need a pulley system..."

Maybe you had to be there, but it was magic


A useful link, if it works smile.gif
Container Dimensions
Pretty funny, make sure you check out the shadowrun quotefile
I've read a few of those and they're not that funny.

These quotes are MUCH funnier, IMO.
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