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Full Version: Interesting foci fact
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Interesting foci fact
General use sustainers

I just realized that nowhere in SR4 dose it say that a sustaining focus must be bonded for a single type of spell, a single spell focus can sustain any spell for its spell category. This is a good thing considering you arenít allowed to bond many foci to use at different times

It also fails to mention that it cant sustain multiple spells at the same time but that I am assuming is an oversight.

Dose anybody disagree with ether of these

Samaels Ghost
Each spell focus (as in spellcasting, counterspelling, AND sustaining) must be attuned to a specific category of spells. Says it in the "Spell Foci" section on 191.
Yeah i disagree with the more than one spell cast through a sustain foci. It says repeatedly "A" spell blah blah blah, and the foci will sustain the SPELL for him(not spellS).

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