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Full Version: My first Session.....again. My new idea.
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As my last thread mentioned I'm a SR2 vet returning to SR4 after a long GMing hibernation. My first session has been inadvertantly post-poned due to vacations and sudden opportunities for my band (

Session number one is back on schedule for this coming Wed. and I plan on changing things up a bit.

Instead of using On the Run for the first session, I want to do a more "training" oriented session based on the backstory I have cooking for the campaign.

Basically, my players are all "patients' of the Draconis Institute. They are being studied and treated for a rare new mystic psychological disease called TRDS (Temporal Regressive Delusion Syndrome). This disease locks the victim within a translike state where they believe they are an awakened being in the early 2000's (this part is essentially the coversion of my players actual characters from World of Darkness and the storyteller system to full one Shadowrun 4th edition...nyahnyah.gif). The Institute has found that the players are experiencing a yet unseen variation of the disease that links the three of them together in this delusion (even though they do not know each other and their homes were far away from each other). The Institute sees a great opportunity in this new discover and has decided to work towards training them as Black Ops agents (essentially official runners) and want to try to use this connection they share to the Institutes favor.

The first session will start with the players having been revivied and being ushered into a high tech training SIM chamber. The chamber is built using SIM technology as well utilizing Augmented Reality to provide a holodeck-like environment. (as a side note...this chamber is currently under-development by the Institute as a possible offering to Corps and Governments for safe and effective training measures for their troops and security teams. The players are inadvertantly testing it as well..nyahnyah.gif).

I need some ideas for scenarios/situations to train the characters in-game and the players on the mechanics at the same time. I need situations for each area of the game rules. My players are as follows. An adept, a shaman, and a hacker/face.

So, they have folie trois, huh?
Similar, however that issue tends to rely on direct influence from each other within the phsychosis. Where the players had absolutely no contact with each other prior to their treatment at the Institute. One character is from Seattle, another from Europe, and the third being from Australia. I supposed it could be a mystical variation, however. I've haven't really worked it out past that.
Samaels Ghost
A building infiltration involves the whole team and provides ample opportunity to involve every player in his/her niche. Check out the Infiltration Challenge page for an example of a pretty hardcore building infitration (in SR3 rules, however. Just ignore the references to decking and assume the building's network is hardline anyway and you'll be fine.) Here's the link
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